NEKO-NIN exHeart reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
For Nekopara lovers will certainly like it but the story is totally cliché and although if, the Protas are cute, that does not save the novel XD The version of Steam lasts about 3/4 hours or less of game (I did not tell me part of the hours , lol) but come on, it seems to me that there are much better novels. xd There Are two choices throughout the novel that if you're playing the version of Steam, it will give small changes to the story, without much importance.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
To all those Who love Neko's try the Demo and think about a Possible Purchase, it pays off. What you get: A Visual Novel with Sweet Characters (how kawaii is that?) a Great Story with Multiple Choice parts (the Story evolves differently depending on the selection. Let me briefly write a little about the Story: In the story it is about a very Ordinary Japanese Student/pupil who Suddenly encounters two Cats of Ninija In front of his Door and with the whole Situation it does not come to terms. As the Story progressing, they continue to approach. So before I spoon all the Fun, take a look at it yourself (° _ ~)
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Introduction you Leave, it means from home on business and there are two ninja-cosplay friends. The Mole can not live without the owner, from the diaper trained all sorts of tricks and all sorts of stunts and You, then, this is the happiest gentleman who has to be washed by them. In exchange for their protection, they want only a little to eat and take a nap from the long road a bit. As a decent young man, assessing all the pros, and the arguments of these very impressive sizes, in the number of 2 pairs and cons, provide them with the requested package of services. Once you have Finished your meal, you are more or less aware that the initial assumption about their suitability and successful season of fungi from where they come from, is fundamentally wrong, but still continue to exercise caution and restraint. amaTaruY not To constrain the owner in his house, two sisters settle in the playground and eat literally grazing feed, grass, and fish from the river, not forgetting to watch, protect and joyfully greet, umally Nyakaya from excitement. Well, what's not idyllic? This is not a complete set, in the version for adults retiring, it is proposed to conclude a banking service contract and make deposits, begins with one, and in the end of the real bacchanalyya in the form of parallel depositing and maintenance of one account In two different banks! Unfortunately, the two remaining branches are not included in the list, by the picissing Nin! + Animated Soup-no Plot, but you hold. ACHTUNG Due to the high content of unrefined K4B4Y, allergy sufferers, as well as people with reduced digestiability of this chemical, should abstain at all or use in a dosed manner. Observe the instructions.