Nelly Cootalot: The Fowl Fleet reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Story The entire Birdship is hypnotized, following the sinister Villain "Baron Breitbart." He wants to find his Brother's long-forgotten Treasure with the birds. Preventing this and freeing the Birds is now in our hand, or in Nelly Cootalot'S Hand. Gameplay A classic Point & Click with small Mini-games in between. In doing so, you collect, classically, a Pile Of Schmarrn in the Inventory. Also, you have a small Bird as a Side-kick that helps with some Puzzles. Graphics and Sound All Locations are detailed and lovingly drawn and also the Characters know how to please. The Sound Edition is Also (in German) coherent and impresses with Word Wit and a wide variety Of speakers. Again and again a Song rings out, reminiscent of the Deponia series and accompanies the Game events amusingly. Control The Mouse is, as with many Point & Clicks, the input Device of choice, but also the Controller Support Works. The Space Bar Can also be used to display Hotspots. Difficulty The Puzzles in the Game were unfortunately a bit too easy for me. Far too quickly you come up with the right Solution and there are no alternative Solutions. The Mini-games are also kept quite simple. This has the Advantage that Nelly Cootalot Is also an Experience for the younger Players, but also shortens the Game very much. Game Time What we are at the next Point. Despite The Chunts of The Achivementhunt, the End was reached after 4 Hours. Unfortunately, I find this a Little too little for an adventure in this Price range. Due to the Non-existent different Solutions you have seen everything in the Game and really there is nothing left to discover. Nor does the Story bind or move so much that there is an increased Replay value. Verdict It's difficult to give a final Review here for Nelly Cootalot. The Game does a lot of things right but unfortunately a lot of things don't. The Basic Framework is great. The Characters, the Voiceover, the Details in the respective Places and also the sometimes slightly twisted Humor. Unfortunately, the Game unfortunately makes it too easy for the Player that Genrefans have quickly solved all the Puzzles here. The resulting short Playing Time then, considering the Price, seems disappointing. Here, the Game should have taken more Time to illuminate the Characters a little more closely. Also, more crisp puzzles and Minigames would have been desirable. So rarely did anything have to be combined in The Inventory. In addition, reference is repeatedly made to the History, which is probably available to play free of charge on the Internet. The Question here is why this has not been included in the Game. All in all, Nelly Cootalot Remains a good but not very good Point & Click for me, which, by its Price, loses competition with other Games. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the Game at Full Price.