Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III

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Travel and explore
This is the planet Regilus - a dazzlingly beautiful, exotic, multi-layered and mysterious ecosystem. No wonder that colonial syndicates and private explorers fought for it. In the end, the oasis of natural deposits and minerals found on Regilus was deemed too small to fight for, and with no more hostilities, various Teleportation Travel Agencies turned the place into a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction.
Lost in space
Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is a puzzle adventure game with countless brain teasers, in which two tourists - Bogard and Amia - find themselves engaged in a series of mysterious events. The protagonists are separated and, in order to find each other, must rely on a guide whose behaviour becomes more and more grotesque with every passing minute.
Find your companion
During their adventure on Regilus, the protagonists will visit seven different locations - each one a completely new artistic experience altogether. In order to find one another, Bogard and Amia must solve many intriguing puzzles with varying levels of complexity. Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III is a very player-friendly game. Choose a level of puzzle difficulty appropriate to your experience with games of this type. You will also have access to a digital guide, whose advice can be crucial in many situations. But are you sure you can trust it?
The game's creator and puzzle designer is the legendary Roland Pantoła - creator of critically acclaimed adventure titles such as AD 2044, Reah and the Schizm series.
Game features:
- Intriguing and engrossing puzzles that will test your ability to quickly associate facts and think abstractly.
- A dark and stunningly beautiful ecosystem on the planet Regilus.
- Superbly written, deep characters.
- A compelling and exciting story, whose finale will surprise even the most seasoned fans of the genre.
- A digital guide to help you in difficult situations and multiple difficulty levels to suit your experience.

Release date
Detalion Games
PlayWay, Detalion Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

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Last Modified: Nov 3, 2022

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Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III reviews and comments

Copying the MYST franchise and completely missing what made it a classic.

Slapping random puzzles with no logical motivation, progression and difficulty scaling is just gaming suicide.

Hints dont help and disappear too fast to be able to read.

Passing puzzle checkpoints doesnt give a visual or audio feedback of its completion.

Dialogues written by a teenager and voiceovers recorded in bathrooms while high on drugs.

Visuals cant save a game broken at its core.
«Waste of time»
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