Nocturnal Hunt reviews

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UPDATE 26.02.2018 After trying to get in contact with the dev's via email (no success) I sent them an eMail via the Facebook account of the Game. Surpringly I got a quite fast answer within about 2 hours. They basically told me that they are a small team and don't have time to fix the problem at the moment, so I would guess the fix was not even started at the moment ... Afterward I will insert the answer they sent me in original (dated 26.02.2018 22:45 o 'clock): "Hey Steven Thank you for your interest in Nocturnal Hunt. We are a rather small team and this game was more of a sideproject. Most of us are working fulltime, so its rather hard right now to find the time to fix the achievements. I can't promise you anything and hope you will understand, if our programmer finds the time to provide a patch we will certainly let you know. Sincerely Wolf Pack "------UPDATE 20.01.2018 Since the Developers currently somehow do not give any Feedback on the known problems with the Achivements, I remove the Recommendation because in my Opinion communication with the Community is the most Important thing. It's not a Problem if there are Bugs or Bugs BUT if your Community asks for Info then the Developer should at least be able to give Feedback. ------Today stumbled upon this Game by chance and now completed my first Playtrough after just over an Hour. This is a "Stealth" game in which you play a Wolf mother whose baby Was kidnapped by "Huntern" From a nearby Village. So you go in search of your Child to get it back. The Gameplay offers all the usual Mechanics you'd expect in a stealth game: Sneak, hide, distract, sprint and kill. In Addition, there is a "Scythe" (Wolf sense) in order to be able to read Objects and Traces. The Story itself is relatively short-first Playthrough, as I said, about 1 Hour-but since you can proceed differently (E.g.: Kill everyone or kill no one) there is a Replay Value. For my Part, I will try to play all the other Achivements because the Game is definitely Fun and always fits in between for quick Action. Conclusion: Finally, I have to say that this Game is recommended here for all Friends of stealth action. Pro:-chic Graphics and great Effects (runs for me On a GTX 860M in "High Settings with over 30FPS)-Great Sound effects and good Music support-Collectibles in the Game world-different Approach-Wolves < 3 Contra:-Smaller Bugs (E.g.: Hunter in the Ground But only since released this is certainly still being fixed-AI the Hunter is not very clever-many Achivements don't work at the moment-----All the game reviews of me in my < < Review Section > >