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Early Access Review In Northgard Is embodied a small Tribe of Vikings who discover a new Country and begin to "settle there." And with that, we're already in the Middle of the Topic, because Northgard has a Reputation for being a Settlers with Vikings (with the original series already having Vikings as a People to Choose from--so the Topic isn't that new). However, to regard Northgard as a settler clone is only half the Truth. Rather, it picks up on some Elements from the great Role model and thus reminds me in large Part of The Settlers 7, but is overall much faster, goes less into the Depths and in some Relationships seems more like a settler's light. Let me justify this: Northgard has no commodity Cycles Whatsoever. The fact that the Settlers or the Anno series is the Main Element, namely the Depletion of Resources and processing them into Products, namely the Commodity Cycles, does not exist at All in Northgard. In fact, it is even more simplified: Wood is not mined, but is available as an infinite Resource. Food is initially guaranteed by Berry Collectors who automatically washed around the Area but do not serve any real Resource: There are no Berry Bushes and there is no need for the Viking to actually bring something to the Main House--the Way with packed Backpack is simply an Animation with no playful Meaning. Your Territory is guaranteed by Annexing Zones--which is especially useful because of the resources there--reminiscent of The Settlers 7. That only a certain Number of Buildings can be built per Region is an unusual Approach, but brings a little Tactics to the Game. It has to be said that the Number of Buildings is still limited at The moment and Space problems rarely come to Fruition. The Fight is very reminiscent of Real-time Strategy games and doesn't seem particularly complex--here I strongly expect more Troop Genres to add. You are currently dealing with the standard warrior, a chief, and, if necessary, a Beserker. For Fighting, the Squad is simply sent to the neighboring Area. The Opposition consists of both "neutral Units," which one has to defeat in order to free up an Area or, for Example, to create a Passage to AI (this is also reminiscent of Settlers 7) or one fights against the AI, which, however, is not particularly combative. Semly hires. In terms of Construction, however, she seems to be doing a good Job, because already at "normal" difficulty level she is progressing points (you always see a Point Comparison of all Viking peoples). The one who, by the way, tells "victory points" in different Areas, has won, so you can win in different Ways and that is also reminiscent of The Settlers 7. Currently, three out of five Peoples can be elected. There is no Campaign or Multiplayer Mode--all of this will be delivered. What we can play at the moment are Random Scirmish Maps, whereby I see the Game as a small strategy quickie in between due to the small number of buildings and the lack of depth of play, since you can already play 1-2 times the complete Content of these Early Access version. So You can be curious about what the Future holds. Currently, the Game makes an excellent impression visually, soundtechnically and from a User Interface. I'm a little skeptical about the Commodity Cycles, because whether they are actually still being implemented, I venture to branch--that doesn't seem to be Part of the Game Concept. If I were to make a Comparison, I would say: Northgard is the Z among the Build-up Games. And last But not Least, my Angetestet video for this Title:
I was very excited in the beginning when I just started balancing the economy. But when winter starts, the game becomes boring. You use the resources you gained before there’s nothing much to do here at this point but military options are too poor here. I felt the lack of units and content. So my excitement quickly turned into disappointment.  
It’s a great RTS where you manage one of viking’s clans.I didn’t think this game would be so addictive but I was wrong. I takes a low pace and let’s you enjoy every moment of grinding, crafting or exploring the world.