Northmark: Hour of the Wolf reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of all: I once played with 100%ar completion as "Eleonor-Ice-Mage" with a focus on Ice damage (maxed) and physical Damage (maxed). The other Time with "Drake-Druid" with Focus on Poison Damage (maxed) and Magic damage (maxed). Northmark: Hour of the Wolf is a relatively simple, accessible yet very fun "card game RPG." But anyone expecting a Hearthstone (or even a Magic: The Gathering) – Clone here is definitely wrong here. This Game is so simple and "superficial" in terms of the Game principle that you just can't compare it to other Games of this Kind (which is actually not so bad), because ... + ... This Game has a (half-usable) Story compared to The above games. A little predictable for my Taste, but still entertaining enough to fever towards the End. + I like the Music quite well and always remembers "The Guild 2" or "Runespell Overture" (I also wrote a Review on the latter) + The Graphics are quite pretty. The character portraits somehow remind me of those who might well come from role-playing Games of the 90s. I would most likely Classify the Portraits in "MtG: Shandalar" from the Beginning of ' 97. + During the course of the Game you will visit several Factions such as the Elves, the Dwarves and the People. This also means, of course, that you can and must fight against different Opponents. After successful Fights, you can usually buy the Cards of the "foreign" faction in the cardshop, provided that you are doing well financially. Speaking of "doing well financially ..."-There are few Ways to accumulate wealth outside the predetermined Fights (all of which are Part of the Story or Side-quests). No random encounters with Enemies. No Ways to sell his Cards. No merchant odds orders. Only a Handful Of Arenas á 2-3 Fights. -Once you bring stronger Cards into your Possession, you can replace the weaker equivalent without Any disadvantages, as this Game (as mentioned at the beginning) is not an MtG or Hearthstone. There are no Mana Costs, Magic Costs or any Resource to play Cards in Duels. -Some Cards are far too strong. For example, the Falcons spell (which you can find very early in the Game) is a pretty broken Card. It allows you to launch an Attack against each Enemy, including a 40% Chance of paralyzing one or more of the resulting (So The Spell doesn't even have To cause harm) Enemies for a maximum of 3 Rounds-thus rendering them incapacitated. This Card works for every Enemy of this Game. +/-Achievements, Collectible Cards, Overlay available +/-There are no Game Overs +/-In Conclusion, one Can say that the Difficulty Level is not very high. Either you use extremely strong Cards, or you buffer one of your Creatures to the bottom of the Roof ... Or both. In theory, simply saving yourself up to the next best Card is enough. But does it really make the Game easier or worse? Now, as far as I can gauge the AI in this Game, the Answer is, "Not necessarily." While It is unable to focus individual of your Fighters, you shouldn't underestimate the opposing Spells. It can happen very quickly that the Opponent swaps his Scrap Cards with those on your Hand. ;) This Game is really great. Both the sizeable Graphics and the very relaxing Soundtrack fit perfectly into the somewhat shallow But nevertheless usable story. The Combat System is simple as it is simple and offers the Newcomers a fairly easy Start. The more you dare, the more you get rewarded. The View of the 100% uncovered Map is literally crying out for a Successor ... Or a DLC ... Or both. Unfortunately, there will be (for now) none of the two. The Developer himself has spoken out with the Words "The game has a great feedback (I thank you for it!), but is not sold very well. So I'm sorry, I don't plan any sequel. " (Source: And this is understandable to me, because for the Game almost no (or even no) Advertising Buzz has been stirred and the Price of €9.99 for the Offered content is too high. However, since the Game, including other Games, is still available for just under €3 on Fanatical, you should strike there. [] Conclusion: 7.5/10