Not without my donuts reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Fun indie game about cakes (?) fighting against evil spider, flies and other unidentified insects! At the very beginning of the game to our attention is given even a story in which I did not move because of my bad knowledge of the English language, and since it seems that the only story scene in the game and I do not understand what it says, I just go to the review Pros and cons of this game. What in this game of such good I could find? + The presence of some plot and even with the voice-over and a few different people; + Simple as cork and intuitive gameplay. Here's a donut-take it, here's a spider-Take your gun and shoot him, live as much as you can, hope that you will open a new level, that's all! + a bunch of different upgrades and weapons, some of which even change the environment at a level (eg ladder), but then I broke something judging from everything. I have accumulated a large number of donuts, took a chainsaw instead of a standard cannon and then something went wrong. Chainsaws I have for some reason not and choose a standard or some other gun does not work. I Run just on two levels available to me naked, without everything. In Short, I as always broke the game; + Good music and there are several melodies in the game, which of course goes to the plus; + Quite nice graphics not causing any irritation; + three "cards" on which there is a battle between spiders and our cupcakes. First, only one card is available, but with time will open two more (I personally opened only one before I managed to break the game) What I did not have enough:-The game is very lacking network multiplayer. You can Play with a friend, but only at one computer, that for the present time is not very relevant. People like to sit at home and play something with friends on the net, but to go to visit to play this game few people want; -It is impossible to adjust the control "under yourself", although it is in principle quite good enough; -Complete absence of character customization. I Think it would be fun to put something on your cake and run with the crap on your head shooting spiders. A Trifle, and to me as many would be pleasant; And on the lastly would like to note a kind of not quite a plus, but not a minus. The Game has achievements that encourage you to continue playing (stimulate at least me), but they are in-game, not tied to the steam that hurts. In General, the game can recommend to buy with a good discount (especially because it can come out so that a certain pleasure will get and cards pay off the cost), an hour can be poured, and if you find a partner in the game, the fun can be delayed for more time .