Oakshade Acres

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The northern land of Oakshade has been sold to unknown buyer from across the sea and buyer arrives today! Oakshade Acres is a relaxing, open-ended town simulation game with a real time mechanic. There is no stress or rush here so you can play it at your own pace.

This is a very very very very very early prototype version of the game, so there's very very very very very little in the game. You can basically chop down  trees and break rocks to get resources, use those resources to craft one of 6 objects, to build them. And that's pretty much it at the moment.

On the other hand there's a lot of done in the game that is not as visible in the size of the content in game - inventory, building system, crafting, cut-scene system, dialogue system, real-time clock, so all of the future updates will focus on adding content.

Current Version

V. 0.0.0 (Update no 0).

Release date
Tadas Gloom
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Feb 14, 2020

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