Oblivious Garden ~Carmina Burana reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
More and more in the Stim come visual novels... Not only from Japan. Oblivious Garden-The creation of Chinese and thanks to DEZ Studio has English localization. What about the content? The game has a specific visual style... Can not be called bad, rather just unusual... For some reason the concept of "Three Kingdoms" comes to mind at once. Sad lack of normal resolution... Because of this it is better to play in the window. Music is quite a bad, creates an atmosphere of "garden princesses", although the tracks are small. This is what the game is bad-voice... And my claim is not to the language itself, but to the quality of the recording. Sometimes audible noises in speech, hissing microphone, etc.. It is unpleasant and annoying. Gameplay-it's a standard visual novella with the elections, several routers and even a small mini game of tea making) during The game saw some uncool events, but not too critical... Overall: Not bad... About 7 with minus out of 10. Because Of the specific affectation, lack of normal resolution and not the best voice can advise to take only with a discount.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A rather friendly VN with several different endings and an acceptable lifespan (10 to 15h for the 4 endings (3 princesses + Finn) and there are 2 (3?) different endings for Leira) the music is friendly without more to my liking, and visually the characters are rained soon succeeded although sometimes I find their faces bitted from some angles with proportions of faces a little grotesque. For the decorations there too it sometimes depends successful sometimes the side photoshoped bothers a little but overall it remains acceptable see good. The characters are for some a little cliché but I find the story rather well brought to deepen them as well as dig the connections that they maintain between them. On the other hand I find some passages a little poorly written due to clumsy combos, likewise I would tend to say that the DLC concerning Finn (good it is free) is may be a little too expeditious. Annoying also it is some rare times to put in the place of another character and to have his thoughts without really being warned, while the game puts us almost all the time in place of Irell, so it takes a little time to say that we are in the place of another character. Same for the white day DLC, I have a lot of difficulty understanding (it may be from me) because the mood and personality of Leira are far too changeable from one minute to the next, even if there must be a sequel the end is clearly too abrupt , it is not the impression that it is thoughtful but that its author chose a totally random event to cut the story without giving a special desire to see a possible sequel to this DLC. In spite of this generally it remains a good VN with endeant characters whether it be princesses, maids or even Intelia, shame Besides not having more ties with some princesses. If I were to rate it would be a 7/10.