Obscuritas reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So after almost 60% of the Game I would like to give my Opinion: It is not easy for Me personally to Evaluate Obscuritas, because the Game contains good as well as bad to annoying Things. First of all a few Things to The Positive, The gloomy atmosphere from Pinview Drive they have implemented again great. You now have Sections and no longer run into the same Room thousands Of times, even the Key Search is no longer the Main Target (search Key A to arrive in Room B etc.) The performence is fine, you should just not set the real time Reflection to high. (Even a 980Ti drops to 14 fps in some Places). The Graphics are ok, but no comparison to domestic Games on the Market right now. Now to the neutral Stuff, The Story is about back like with Pinview Drive, we come to a House ... I don't have to say More than Spoilers either. However, I find the Story a bishop opaque and maniacal and in some Places not fitting together, (My personal Opinion). Which is also a small Shortcoming, but this is left to everyone in a personal Way, a lot of Textures (Cabinets, tables, etc.) were taken from Pinview Drive, I don't know if it was intent on the Developer, I mind a little. One more Thing, such real fright Moments remain unfortunately so far Aus, but everyone feels that differently. So now to the Things that bother me or even Nerves, even if it is kept nice Gloomy, I don't want to get a real Grey-tuned, or doesn't come up anymore. In the Beginning it went, but towards the MItte it gets less and less, I hope that the Game switches up one Way again in the view, but so far it remains over and that also has a Reason, I said that the Key is no longer a Main Goal. , for this, the Developers have built puzzles, there is nothing Bad about it at first, but if at some point the puzzles only break nerves and the gloomy and grushy mood, because you walk a felt Eternity through the same section, because you don't know What the Game wants from one, then gets annoying. This is also my biggest Point of Criticism, which, however, makes up a lot of the Game And hinders the Atmospheric structure that is so important for a Horror Game. There is in some Places in the Speil wirklcih Space-recycling where every Room or Aisle looks the same, not always but there Are these Sections. I don't mean to say it's a bad Game because it just isn't. However, I wouldn't call it pure Horror rope because for that you get too often distracted by the Puzzles. My Rating and the Reason for it: I'm giving a YES now because there's no Thumb and with No I wouldn't live up to the Game. Anyone who enjoys puzzling horror Insoles, I can only Recommend the Game, but if you want a pure horror Game to Horror and want to let the Story work on you (ala Layers of Fear), you should leave your Fingers off it, but the Puzzle Percentage is too big. Edit: What else I have eaten, the Game still has one More thing that can annoy it, especially because from Chapter 2 you often see the Game Over Screen, there is no QuickSave function. Since the Game always saves at the Beginning of a Section, you have to repeat everything you have managed to date, which is sometimes not a little, at the 1 or 2 Death that is still ok, but then more, which is not Uncommon, it becomes very annoying. I hope the Developers will get an Update out there.