one night, hot springs reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
One night, hot springs is best described by the Word "real." The Game tells the Story of The Trans woman Haru Suzuki, who was invited to the hot Springs by her best Friend on her Birthday. Players clearly feel how uncomfortable and insecure you can feel from Haru's Perspective, even though you encounter situations that may be perfectly normal for Most during the course Of the Game. You can put yourself in it really well. This is due to the "Authenticity" I previously implied In the Game. One did not try to trivialize everything with Humor or compulsively make one on tolerant, as is unfortunately the Case with many Stories about Transsexuals. All The Dialogues with the other Characters have felt like you were really experiencing them. Even though I only met nice Characters in my Run, the Story of the Game never felt like what's happening just couldn't really happen. In my first Run I got the Ending "Erika End 2-The world can be kind too" and I'm looking forward to finding out in the remaining Strands of history what else could have happened in the Hot Springs on the night.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Very nice with very nice endings to visual mode is simple but nice with a story that serves to connect with the characters and more with Haru discovering more about the tranfondo of your situation and some other issues in that some, no need to be trans , they will feel identified. It Is a free, easy and beautiful story with a great message in which it indicates the difficulty, self-esteem and confidence of the situation in which you have to guide Haru and put It in a social test of friendship and understanding or of distrust and oppression in itself for being as it is. With only 4 characters It is able to tell a great story that reflects the feeling of the person with the society. Art and music makes this game comfortable to play not to mention its control being able to even go back to rectify your choice and try another answer that can lead to a totally different path and I will say that the finals (spoiler : that you can see in the Gallery your message) are beautiful, it is more, it is very gratifying to get them all and observe the different messages each have given a small idea of what can happen later with a sense of delicacy and gratification by Every detail and end you get leading us to be able to obtain another without the hassle of having to repeat it again thanks to its section of saved and go back to change your selection and its fast avanze and its soft music that fits in the moment without effects ord Inaryans being able to pass with more tranquility the dialogues already seen. In short: A nice simple but fun game that Enbarca in the thermal adventure of Haru and its "problems" to take a bath in them with affectionate and sympathetic characters and themes that fit well in its history. In my opinion is a game that has to play or at least try for anyone who have u are going through a similar issue or not without necessarily trans (like me)