The Men of Yoshiwara: Kikuya reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
The plot of (forbidden Romance: the men of Yoshiwara) is simple; you are an innocent and born young woman, living on an island where there is a huge imbalance between the sexes. Men are rare, the only way for most Islanders to see a close man is to go to this neighborhood where men sell their nights to women in search of love or a child. None of this is treated as a bad thing and it is just a way of life for the women of the island, provided they have money to satisfy their desires. Our protagonist is a young woman who is anything but rich, she meets a woman and her courtier who intend to flee. Because she helps them escape, she is rewarded with a substantial amount of money. It is thanks to this that she can go exploring this area of red light to find love. Players can choose from one of the six courtiers:-kagerou, young man who has no tongue in Pocket, yet it is a boy who is shy, touching and who can be very tender, he is in training (Kagura teaches him, he respects him enormously), he has not e nCore sold his body. -Hayabusa, honest and sincere, your childhood friend, sold at the age of 10 years, you were raised as brother and sister, then he suddenly disappeared. -Iroha, get out something mysterious and cold, he is the Manager of the shop and has a terrible secret: he is a demon, an ogre, he is a little sadous. -Kagura is a gentleman, skilled in martial arts, dance, calligraphy, and classics, he is rumored to be the most refined man in the Yoshiwara. -Tokiwa, handsome blond-haired man looks like a Playboy, he was one of the most requested courtiers, following an incident that caused discord in the shop, he was demoted as an Assistant to Takao. -Takao, braggard and arrogant, whatever he wants, he takes it, it can be childish and playful at times. Each route offers a separate story where you learn more about the man of our choice and we can (potentially) fall in love with him. Of course he has a lot of choices to make (about 26/27) to win the love of the chosen one from his heart:) and one can obtain according to these choices a very happy ending (super happy ending) or a happy ending (happy ending) or nothing at all. Although the theme of the game is rather adult, it is indeed a story of love between a woman and a courtier that develops, and these men seek how to escape the condition of courtier (these men are not free, for being it is necessary to give a huge sum money or escape from the island but it is punished by death). There is nothing nasty that you could not see in a love soap opera, you never see anything directly explicit that occurs. It's a beautiful game visually, the men of Yoshiwara-Kikuya all wear splendid kimonos. The music of the game credits is pretty, I like it. It is a novel or you can spend many hours to understand what are the stories of these men not just for the main road, there are suites and sub stories. Certainly there is a problem of translation, the sentences are not always well translated. I liked this game:)