Pathologic 2 reviews

This review is coming from someone playing on a PS4, I doubt the criticism I have is entirely applicable to PC players, so take this as you will. To start off positively, I love its dreadful atmosphere and how it effects my approach to playing it. The world building is great and I want to figure out what's going on. I can feel it getting under my skin and the anxiety it gives me is the type of unease I seek out in horror. The thing that frustrates me is how buggy it is. Textures and objects will take a moment to load in, but at least there's some appeal to that. I was walking down a road and saw two kids ahead. As I got closer, a barricade abruptly loaded in and that made me jump. It made me question if it was truly a glitch at all, so that gets a pass. What I don't like is the amount of waiting involved for the game to catch up with you. I started playing it today and it already corrupted a save file after crashing twice. The amount of loading is unbearable, I'll walk 10 paces after one loading screen just to be hit with another, every time I open a door to get inside a building, ANOTHER loading screen. I've heard so much praise for this game and I've been excited to give it a shot, but I'm a little disappointed. I'm glad I got it on sale, but it still feels a little overpriced with the state it's in. I don't mind if a game's mechanics are frustrating or a slow pace, but when there's immersion breaking bugs to this degree, it really tests my patience. I hope it can be patched in updates because I want to be able to fully experience it, but I don't know if some of these issues can be fixed. I will try to press on, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to. 

UPDATE: I've pushed through a bit more and came to a conclusion that the buginess and unfinished translation is a part of the unbearable nature that the developers were trying to achieve. It's simultaneously great and shitty game design. It's immersion breaking, sure, but that disconnect really made me think of the game from a different perspective. I think the developers found a way to fit their shortcomings to suit the game's narrative, the lack of polish goes along with the themes. Frustration was intended. I still haven't finished, but I'm thinking about how I want to, among so much more. As a work of art, this game is phenomenal, so I've changed my rating from meh to exceptional. I don't think I would recommend this to just anybody, so that's why I wouldn't grade it as so. At the very least, some of the graphical issues could be fixed. Can't believe I'm gonna say this but the aggravating loading screens are fine. Though if they were to get fixed, either there needs to be less or they need to be shorter, time and health also shouldn't be affected.
«Buggy as hell»