Pavilion reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
A rather aesthetic game, the music is a lot of atmosphere even if it is very much. On the other hand, the game is bugged in every way. You'll start again 20 Foix the same action and it will finally pass. The character hangs all the time in the decorations, in short, you have to start all over again. I do not recommend it because being a fan of the games of history, management and puzzle. The puzzles are simplistic, repetitive and take too much time to run (it takes 5 minutes to move all the objects while you already know the solution). You do not feel infiltrate of the scenery, of the game, of the music because you are too concentrating to redo the same actions. Rather disappointed and annoyed, I think I will not even finish the games. Like point and click, it's better.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Here you will find puzzles with point & click Modality. The story apparently cannot be concluded until its end.. But OK now I have investigated, its end insinuates a second chapter, ie we will not know the story until its second chapter. Regarding the gameplay seems to be a new proposal in which you have no control of the character, you can only influence the environments for this thumbnail realize actions.. That's why they say it's a fourth person. For example move a box for this to move and not move our character to the box, I like that although it does monotone. The only thing that helps to overcome the monotonia is that they are posing new mechanics as you change the level but still.. They are like for PREPA ', besides the levels are super short; There are even levels that are going through a hallway. You're going to Finish it in two Hours. That's if you can Finish.. Because the amount of Glitches and Bugs is Awesome! Anyway, checking.. I realized I could Play up to Level 23 for a TOTAL of 29 Levels. The arts are super successful and I liked the music so I got it with its dlc.. But it seems that also comes with failure but it does not matter because you request a refund. Now the interesting thing; The facts:-Original Indie, apparently.. Japanese. -Release Date 2016-Multiple Discussions of Glitches & Bugs in the Forum. -Developer DOES NOT Connect almost 1 Year ago.. Imagine the Response Times in the Forums. -A User creates a Topic on June 2017 And responded in May 2018. -At the End of the Game is said that in 2017 IRA a Second Chapter.. But nothing. I got it on offers but it's still not worth it; All Wrong.. Except the Arts if you're going to try it you're going to ask for reimbursement and post a negative.