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Planet of Mubu

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«Planet of Mubu» is the one of the greenest planets in the galaxy. High-tech civilization «Mubu» owns and protecting it for ages.
You have a team of five alien invaders. They arrived from far space to the «Planet of Mubu» to conquer it and get a lot of different resources. Find out how will war between ancient civilization and merciless aliens in the game «Planet of Mubu»!

  • 1. Every alien hero have a special ability. Use them to solve puzzles and overcome all obstacles!
  • 2. World «Planet of Mubu» hides a lot of mystery places and secret bonuses. Find then all and get a reward!
  • 3. Seven locations for every taste:
Forest is a giant area. Explore it, and you can find bonuses and portals to the new areas. Get out of the borders because there are the most interesting thins there!
Puzzle is a location which is a one big puzzle. Use unique abilities of alien invaders to solve them all!
Arena is a big area for deadly battles. Destroy everyone and try he taste of victory!
Run – tick-tock! Get hurry to get to the end of the map or die! Collect bonuses and try to not get into the traps!
Viking – your sword is your revenge!
Maze – big maze... or very big maze!
Boss – fight with the boss! Every boss is unique and the have their own weaknesses. Use them and defeat these creatures!

1. The world of «Planet of Mubu» has been drawn with only 12 colors.
2. All basic objects have a smooth animation.
3. Soft color palette will help you to relieve stress.

Great soundtrack with a guitar and elements of chiptune.
All tracks available as 320kbp/s MP3 files in the game folder on your PC!
Crazy playlist:
  • Title theme - 1:35 min
  • Map theme - 0:41 min
  • Tutorial theme - 0:27 min
  • Forest theme - 2:09 min
  • Puzzle theme - 1:07 min
  • Arena theme - 1:05 min
  • Run theme - 2:07 min
  • Viking theme - 1:06 min
  • Maze theme - 1:14 min
  • Boss theme - 1:10 min
  • Bonus track - 1:00 min

Good Luck!
Release date
Anatoliy Loginovskikh
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP\Vista\7\8
  • Processor: 1.2 Ghz+
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 50 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Mouse and keyboard
  • Additional Notes: Strong nerves ;)
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Planet of Mubu reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Planet Mubu What is it? He knows. The Essence of history is not known to us. On the planet arrives something, and has suffered)) Begin standard with training. And we learn that the GG (alien) is able to transform into three different monsters. The First kind of a monster can shoot from BFG 9000 only in truncated version)) The Second Monster has a pocket teleportator and well desantistat any point of the screen, if there are no obstacles on the way. Also truncated version of Teleport)) The Third monster is very large and has a huge hammer Thor, but again truncated option, hammer can knock, but not throw)) Further begins the game. And we learn that the planet has several different zones, each with its own specifics and peculiarities. Each zone Has three levels. 1. The Forest. Nothing Special, Christmas tree and mushrooms. We change the monsters and solve puzzles. 2. The Puzzle. This is the beginning of the puzzle. We turn on the brain, and the three freaks. 3. The Arena. The Machitch Begins. We'll all be Wet. Thor's Hammer comes in handy. 4. Running. That's where the hardcore is. Agility is Required. You will Die often, because there is not enough time. Teleport to help. 5. Viking. Suddenly a fourth freak appeared. Features: Beard and the ability to control the sword in flight, and so again mahych. 6. The Maze. Brain and teleport to help. 7. THE BOSS! We write down the lute on the most tomatoes. The End of the game! Features of the game: Pros: 1. Graphics-a nice pixel picture. Eyes from acid do not fall out. 2. The Soundtrack is just good and the bonus lies in the folder with the game. 3. Control-Convenient, standard. 4. Gameplay-Simple and intuitive. 5. Puzzles and Harkor in stock. 6. Acachivki-all favorite alphabet! I Need to write a nickname in the profile. Collect letters on the levels! 7. Collectible cards-they are here! 8. Replay-only if not beaten all Achivki) Cons: 1. No intro, history and plot! What happened we never know)) 2. Short. The developer's Record is 10 minutes, but he's a trained redsuit. It took me three hours. Need Steam Board of Honor. 3. The Price of 229 RS is high. Need a discount. Results: One "viewer" wrote that he was bored, playing only in the tutorial)) (My comments and not only mine, under his review-can be torn) I will Say at once-the GAME is NOT BORING at ALL, and vice versa! The Game is good and interesting, in some places there is excitement, I really liked (who played "Dandy"-that will understand)! I recommend To buy definitely, but with a good discount!
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