planetarian ~the reverie of a little planet~ reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Planetarian ~ the reverie of a little planet ~ is a Title in Sekai Project's range and it has been possible to read planetarian in English for some time, but thanks To Sekai Project, the first official Version is now appearing on the international Market. Title: Planetarian ~ the reverie of a little planet ~ developer: VisualArt'S/Key Genre: Kinetic Novel, Drama Length: 2-10H Premiere: 29.11.2004 (Japan)/12.09.2014 Story: Why don't you come to the planetarium? The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter what. All the stars in the sky are waiting for you. In time for the 10th anniversary since it's original release in Japan, planetarian is an engaging and emotionally visual novel from legendary studio VisualArt ' s/Key's KineticNovel brand. For the first time ever, this memorable title is available on Steam In English! Set in a post-apocalyptic world, what remains of humanity survive where biochemical warheads have destroyed civilization and endless "Rain" Continues to fall upon the shattered earth. Autonomous battle drones continue a fight that has long lost it's meaning. As a junker, a scavenger who seeks out undamaged items of value, you end up in a domed building that appears to be a military installation. That building out turns to be a planetarium and in there you meet a young woman named Yumemi. A member of the help staff at the planetarium, she's been waiting for customers to visit for over thirty years. It is this chance encounter with Yumemi that even the coldest of hearts may be thawed. Plot: The Plot is how you actually know it from VisualArt'S/Key Visual Novels: It all starts quite interesting and you get dragged into the Story pretty quickly. But As is also typical here, you also have to deal with Drama at the Ruckzuck. The Action is quite short overall, but the Course still somehow hits you. People who would rather have everything Peace, joy, Egg Cakes should leave their Fingers off the Visual Novel when setting alone. Because planetarian is a Kinetic Novel, it is completely straightforward. There are no Choices and technically you just get the Story told with a few background and Character Pictures. But Since there are only two Characters anyway and you don't have to divide the Story into several Routes, this is no longer disturbing. Illustrations: The Visual Novel is already a bit older with the Release date of 2004 and accordingly the Illustrations are already a bit bettered. Nevertheless, Yumemi is very attractively depicted and the Wallpapers are also okay for the present time. It is clear that you have to cut Back a few Things because of your Age, but this does not in any way diminish the Quality of the Novel. What is somewhat disturbing, however, is the Choice of colour of the Font colour. White on black, the Majority of the Novel is not a Problem. At some Point, however, the black Surface is omitted for a Time and the Text is thus placed on the Illustrations. Here the Text then becomes quite illegible in some Places and you have to guess it a bit. Characters: There are only two Characters in the Visual Novel, only Yumemi is graphically depicted. Yumemi is a very likeable Character, even if she's actually constantly talking. Their Behaviour is otherwise quite pleasant and comprehensible. There was definitely someone worrying about that and you can see that too. The Main Character is a bit rabid, which you can understand in setting. At The end of the day, he gets a bit looser and I was also more sympathetic as a result. I like very much that even if planetarian is quite short, the Characters still develop in a comprehensible way. Sound: Of the Characters, only Yumemi is equipped with the original Japanese Voice. For my Taste, her Voice is a bit piercing, but you get used to it. Planetarian'S Music is enjoyable. It actually always fits with what is happening at the moment, but it is also not intrusive. But It is not something that sticks in your Mind for a really long time, as was the Case with other Visual Novels. Conclusion: Although I'm not a Fan of Drama, I liked planetarian quite a bit. The Story is succinct, but still impresses well. In the Brevity lies the Seasoning and that makes it quite pleasant to read the Novel. As far as I can tell, the English of Translation is fine and quite fluid, I see no Reason to Complain. I definitely liked planetarian ~ the reverie of a little planet ~, and for Fans of a good Drama Story, the Visual Novel is definitely recommended. 8/10