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Platypus is a fast, frantic and fun arcade-style shoot-em-up!!

The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion. Tall buildings cover every available space. The air is thick with smoke and poisonous chemicals. Parking is a nightmare.

The Collosotropolan leaders have decided the simplest solution is to invade the neighbouring country of Mungola. They don't anticipate much of a struggle - Mungolans are simple, earthy types without much love for industry. In fact, Mungola's entire defence force consists of a single squadron of fighter planes - the venerable F-27 "Platypus".

What possible threat could a few antique aircraft be to the mighty Collosotropolan Battle Fleet...?

To the Mungolan people the venerable F-27 "Platypus" is their last best hope for freedom!Features:
  • Unlimited Play
  • Two-Player Simultaneous Action
  • Stunning Claymation Graphics
  • Addictive, Exciting Game Play
  • Adjustable Difficulty Settings
  • Perfect for the Entire Family
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Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Processor: Pentium® or AMD® 1.3 GHz
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 32MB 3D Video Card
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Platypus reviews and comments

Part of my childhood!
«OST on repeat»
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
If They had me play the two Platypus without telling me what was the first and which the second, I would have said that this was the second. Practically equal to the first, unlike a soundtrack really better than the second and that in general is better. So this time I recommend it if you find it for free or in a bundle with many other games.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
Perfect Game to kill a few hours. It Only has 4 levels with 5 areas each and its corresponding boss at the end of each level. The best is the design, because it simulates battles between clay ships in a world of plasticine. Ideal If you get it in a bundle, because the current price is exorbitant for a game that you can end up in 35 Osho.
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This game was part of my childhood, yesterday I discovered that it was Steam and did not hesitate to buy it. It'S How I remembered it. A spectacular arcade with plasticine graphics (literally). I Still remember trying to do the navecitas of the game with the plasticine that I bought my dad in kiosks... hahaha. I would like to thank Anthony Flack personally for being responsible for this juegazo. My Score: 10 out of 10.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
It is super fun and the style is just magnfic. As I want to stay a minimum objective, I would say that the controls are not the best (especially on keyboard D:) and history not very long. But all of this is rewarded by the rest, which, if you make it play your children, will remain in their memory for a long time. It's crazy how many memories this game has created. I read a few opinions and everyone says the same thing: "I played it when I was young it was too good!". And I played it by being small and here I am 10 years later to find it on steam by chance and to find a pleasure crazy to rediscover it with my paternal. What happiness:D
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
An Old, kind and difficult game appeared in the steam! Here, do not expect reinforcements of a large, like an army of airplanes, rely on yourself and on the skin (if he plays with you). The Action of the game will pass in the futuristic world on Europe satellite Saturn (possibly). And here is a bad time for Kollosotropisa Ogromenogo metropolis that began to suffer nehvatoj places, the city authorities told the residents that will pass the enslavement of the neighboring state Mungol. Mungol in response used small/small fighters F-27 platypus comparable force with the Army Kollosatropisa. Control the Cloy/mouse. The game will be boring, Shooting, enemies, collecting bonuses (if you manage to collect them). The Soundtrack 4.00.000% of 100%. Along the way you will come trading jet airships from which the fruit fly the mountain for their Destruction. This game should score 100% of 100%
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