PokerStars VR reviews

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Early Access Review The well-known PokerStars now also in VR (tested with the HTC Vive) At the Beginning of the Game we find ourselves in the Lobby and seem quite perplexed. Since there Is no Tutorial we first porte a little tangle through the Area. In addition to a few other Players, we discover a Scoreboard and a "Wheel of fortune" that allows us to earn some Game Chips every 12 Hours. So let's take a Look at our Wrist, over the Clock we can call up the Menu. Here we can start public Games joinen or start a private Poker round with Friends. At present, there are only Texas Hold, and other Poker Variants are planned in the Future. We can take our Map round at one of 5 varied Locations, whether Westernsaloon, Luxury Apartment or Yacht, every Room is lively and lovingly designed. Of course, when Creating the Poker round, we can still set the Bet height and maximum Number of Players (up to 8). Poker itself works quite intuitively after a short Familiarization, but a Minitutorial would not be wrong. For example, it is not enough to lift the Cards slightly for Limping, we also have to turn our Wrist. But you can find out the little Nuances quite quickly, and then playing goes smoothly off your Hand. If we get bored during the Game, we have a Lot of Gimicks that we can activate via a Play money shop. There we can buy a Cigar to Start, a refreshing Coconut Drink and a Revolver, if our Leaf is not so good ... So many Gimmicks are definitely fun at first, but can get annoying in a public Round when the next spray gun is brought out again and again and fireworks are lit for the fifth Time. Still, a clear Bonus Point because it's simply a refreshing change. Of course, we can also spice up our Avatar (there are some to Choose from) with various Items, a new wristwatch, plus a chic Captain's cap, another Pipe clamped into the Corner Of our Mouth ... Again, we have some Options. PokerStars VR makes a very successful Impression. After a short Orientation Period, you can find your way relatively quickly and nothing stands in the Way of a relaxed Game of Poker. The Graphics make a very good Impression, all The rooms are great, there are various Animations when you win a Round (Balloons rise, Lanterns fly away ...) and there are a Lot of Toys to try. There will probably be no Real Money mode (on Steam) due to legal Regulations, but even with Play money it makes you feel Like. As a special Bonus, one should mention the Possibility of Voice control. Commands like "Call, Fold, Check,..." Can also be voice-printed. However, this does not always work perfectly and also exposes once. Nevertheless, a great Feature that increases Immersion once again. For Poker Fans definitely a Recommendation, especially since it is free anyway. Greeting Ziffi Ziffi's Game tips as Curator: