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Potemkin is a turn-based strategy game that also works as a war simulator. You have to carefully plan out troop deployments, make economic decisions and strategically conquer territory in order to conquer the entire map. The game is built on the principle : Substance over style. We believe that an intelligent AI, good game design, flexibility and easy map sharing system is more important than overblown art designs or expensive marketing.
  • No restrictions on customisation
    No other strategy game gives the player so many options when it comes to customisation. You can play on a map of literally any size and with any amount of players. This means that the player can create any map he can think of: You can simulate the second world war, play as Caesar conquering Gaul, play as Napoleon invading Russia or simulate any conflict from any book you have ever read or movie you have ever seen.
  • Powerful AI that plays fairly
    Most game’s AI is to weak to beat the player on its own, thats why the developers will give it a numerical advantage. Not here! We have put in a massive effort to create an intelligent AI that can beat a player without any advantages, meaning the game is 100% fair! The AI is completely flexible, it adapts to the map you are playing on and will even analyse your play style in order to develop a counterstrategy. As of now, not a single person who has tested the game has managed to beat the AI!
  • Simulate any real or fictional war Potemkin isn't just a turn-based strategy game, it is a war simulator! If you ever get bored playing, simply turn on simulation mode and see how all the AI's will play against each other. This is not only very entertaining to watch, but it also allows you to see strategies that work and test how easy it is to play as a certain faction. You also need not worry about the speed of a simulation, the whole thing happens in real time and on a small map a 20 minute game can be simulated in around 1 minute.
  • Play casually or hard-coreBecause of the flexible map system, a match can last anywhere between 10 minutes or 10 days. Difficulty is also easily adjusted, since you can modify the map at any point in the game. This means the difficulty and length of the game is completely up to you. You can play the game for 10 minutes while you are waiting at the airport, or you can start a week long match, with a massive map and dozens of players.
  • Share your mapsNo other game makes sharing great game maps so easy. Just copy your game map text, paste it online, and thats it. The whole world can now play your map ! We have an entire subreddit (r/Potemkin) dedicated to players sharing game maps. Because of this, we have a virtually endless amount of content for players to enjoy.
  • Extremely Fast Many mainstream turn based strategy games have a very slow AI. In order to address this problem, Potemkin was custom built in Python, a programming language more commonly used for scientific simulations. By avoiding using slow game engines, we have managed to build an incredibly fast game, this means the AI will often finish working before you have even noticed it start and game simulations run at a real time pace.
Release date
Vasily Wosck
Vasily Wosck
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1 Core
  • Memory: 17 MB RAM
  • Storage: 10 MB available space

System requirements for macOS

  • OS: OS X Mountain Lion
  • Processor: 1 Core
  • Memory: 50 MB RAM
  • Storage: 30 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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