PowerWash Simulator reviews

I love the fact that I really enjoy this game but like a lot of others, don't really enjoy deep cleaning. Granted, there is a difference between actual cleaning and using a power washer. The mechanics of the game really scratch that completionist/OCD itch. For the most part everything works fine and there are systems to allow you to find what you missed without too much hassle. I have had the game lock up on the loading screen a few times but aside from that everything has been good. I will say, some of the trophies are wild. Thankfully there is a freeplay mode that you can jump into to complete them all. Some have been finicky for me though. I also really enjoy the main story going on in the background as well as some of the side ones. Just a nice goofy touch to a game about power washing things. Really hope they do a follow up game.
«Just one more turn»
«Can’t stop playing»