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Early Access Review Praey for the Gods introduction: "Praey for the Gods" is arguably one of the few Games that really once took it from Kickstarter To something almost finished. I have sometimes waited several Years now and had briefly given up hope. However, it has now finally come out in 2019, if only Early Access. You just have to think it's good that it's just a three Developer Team. But No Matter Studios is charging €25for this EA Title here and that's unfortunately too much. But we'll get to that later. The Game has definitely been a long time coming and I think many have also had the Desire to Wait. Now When I saw it was released, I just had to buy and try it out. Plot The Plot is quite simple, but unfortunately also very monotonous. Much of What is very reminiscent of Shadow of the Colossus From PlayStation, but still offers a little more. Right now, it's time to succumb to 5 of these giant bosses. There Is hardly any more plot, clear here and there is enemy that you have to blow a few over the Turnip and you have to pay attention to Survival, because Food, Sleep and Heat need our "Player." Basically, you solve the Battle of the Bosses quite quickly and you get the boss done and then you get the next One displayed. Very simple, very clear and unfortunately not much to see. Pro: + great Soundscape + clear controls + cool Game idea + a Mix of RPG, Survival and very small bit Dark Souls + great Atmosphere, which is unfortunately riddled With the negative Points + great Things to find like the grab Hooks and different Weapons. Contra:-Graphic is totel outdated-Bugs (Enough of which you don't have to list all of them)-Framedrops at my HArdware-> ridiculous-so far I hadn't heard a single Speaker-zero story-too high a price-no Settings for E.g. sound-too little Playing time-si Is everything the same and stupid Textures Conclusion: I don't know what to say. I'm kind of quite disappointed, on the one hand I could have read cleverly beforehand what should happen, on the other hand I don't think the Idea is so bad at all. The Game brings something to the PC that didn't exist before in the Form. Basically you have a few Things to see, but not justified for that Price. The Story is virtually non-existent. No Narrators, no Voices only from time to time a "Movie Scene" and nothing else happens. The Bosses are relatively cool to look at and also a little Puzzling you have to before it's in the Dirt, but all in all you only have to get 5 Bosses done and then basically through. 2 Hours and three Bosses are already there, I find a little Bit of play for the Prize. Of course, you could still work your Way to XY, but it all looks the same and squishy. Nothing but snow and ice and The Wind. The Wind, by the way, even comes through Walls, one of those Bugs I had mentioned. And now? Now I'm sitting here, looking back a few Hours at the Game and I'm just a bit tired of the Boredom that unfortunately breaks this great Music and Atmosphere. Even though I will keep an eye on this, let's see if I will really change my Mind again. In doing so, I very unnecessarily give a Thumbs down when it's something new and seemingly cool, but here the negative Aspects are just too many versus the Positives. At the Moment, unfortunately, not on my part to recommend. You would like to Subscribe to more Reviews of me sehen/Read here and at please also like to join my Group and participate in my Give Away. Aus eigener Sache: ══════════════════════════════════════════════ Über Zensuren informiert werden? for UNCUT! Group for UNCUT! Stream [] ══════════════════════════════════════════════