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Project Caliber is a Realtime Strategy game and an homage to a Nintendo 64 classic; Ogre Battle: Persons of Lordly Caliber.

The game puts you in command of several squads and allows you to customize them, from the positions, formations, unit classes, attacks, and more. Battles will be fought, fortresses will fall, fireballs will fly.

Supported Platforms: Windows & MacOSX Dektop (Keyboard/Mouse), and PS4 Dualshock.
Developer Note: Other gamepads may be supported but only PS4 Dualshock has been tested.

Note: This is a v0.0.0 release, meaning that it is a prototype. A "proof of concept", if you will. We do our best to create a fun and stable experience, but bugs and visual issues are expected in this version. Be that as it may, feel free to report anything that is not on the known issues list.

While there *should* be some help in the game as to the controls, existing bugs may cause the helpers to be incorrect, or show up incorrectly. Here are some basic controls:

WASD - Move the camera, change options in some cases (Squad Management page, Deploy Units)
Left Click - Confirm, select
Right Click - Deploy Units, Set Unit Destination, Confirm Unit Destination
Esc - Exit out menus

Left Stick - Move the camera, change options
Cross/X - Confirm, select
Circle - Exit menus
Triangle - Set Unit Destination, Confirm Unit Destination
DPad - Change options in some cases (Squad Management page, Deploy Units)

v0.0.0 Release Notes


  • Basic game Introduction
  • 6 implemented base classes; Fighter, Apprentice, Rogue, Eyegore, Young Red Dragon, Young Blue Dragon
  • 1 Test Level to try
  • Basic implementation of squad manager allows you to move units around before battle
  • Full support of Desktop and PS4 dualshock
  • Capturing fortresses, battling enemy squads, deploying units
  • Battle with attack animations, effects, death animations
  • Level Objectives
  • Very basic unit balancing implemented
  • Mini map and UI Helper for players

Deferred for now [Possible Future Updates]

  • Fix up unit deployment to be more user friendly
  • Mini map icons for squads, fortresses
  • Audio :(
  • Different colors between player/enemy units
  • Cutscenes
  • Animated dialog windows
  • Player level and battle commands
  • Status effects and more attacks
  • More diverse levels and battle zones
  • Items
  • Better models

Known Issues

  • Fortress quick view of squads may continue to show during battle
  • Many screen sizes are not tested and may not work properly
  • Unit pathfinding may have problems
  • Scene transitions are either bad, or nonexistant
  • PS4 dualshock
    • Setting squad destinations allows camera to go underground
    • Controller sometimes loses contact with the game
  • Desktop
    • Setting squad destination does not allow moving the camera
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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Project Caliber reviews and comments

This game has a lot of potential. It could easily be a big-name RTS player. The pieces are all there, it just needs a lot of refinement. The controls are clunky and confusing, the lack of audio really hurts the game. There are a few glitches. The squads move incredibly slow, and take forever to get across the map. I very much believe that if the developer fixes these issues, it could really change the game. I also enjoy the character building aspect at the beginning and am interested in where they would take that.
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