PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
A Quote from the anime Psycho-pass: "People have value only when they act on their own volition." My acquaintance with the world of PSYCHO-PASS, began very recently, namely with the visual novel PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness. I am Not a big fan of this genre, though I have passed/read a few of them, and the greatest impression on me was made by the magnificent Steins; Gate. And you know literally after two hours spent in PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness, caught yourself on the idea that I can not break away from the game, and that's what I've been looking for. Steam now comes out with a lot of "visuals", mostly romantic, with Njashnymi, and not very, girls on the cover, and sometimes want something different, more serious. The game takes place in the year 2112 in Japan, where society has already achieved great technological progress, and the lives of people managed by a unique system Sibyl. The Task of this system is to find each person's place in society, and that this individual can bring the greatest benefit in view of his potential, current abilities and some psychological aspects, the latter factor being the most important role. We are offered two characters, who are members of the Public Bureau of Investigation, who are searching For "potential criminals". This is another term from the world of PSYCHO-PASS. Potential criminals are people who can commit a series of illegal actions in the future, because of some events that occurred in their lives and affected their mental state. To determine a similar type of people developed a whole system with cameras on the streets, various scanners, a whole analytical department, and specially trained personnel who instantly respond to any negative manifestations in society. The Plot of PSYCHO-PASS is well thought out and saturated with events, each affair with which we have to face our heroes, touches them personally. It can be both echoes of the past and situations affecting the character's worldview and his personal antipathy to what Is happening. If We talk about specificity, the Sibyl system does not seem to be a panacea for society. To Take the side of the law or try to do otherwise depends on your decisions, the consequences of which are not always obvious. It Comes to the fact that the results of some act begin to oppress not only your hero, but also you personally. Visually The game looks great, the arches are amazing, add to this a high-quality soundtrack, the compositions of which range from the quiet sound of the piano to the dramatic chords. It is Difficult to find a negative in the game, because everything is done at the highest level. If you want more gameplay, and are not ready to read a ton of text, only occasionally taking some decision, I can only recommend a series of Zero Escape, there and with the plot complete order, and the gameplay is present. The RESULT of PSYCHO-PASS: Mandatory Happiness is one of the main discoveries of this year for me. A Multifaceted storyline with well-developed characters, great work of artists and composers, and the atmosphere of what is happening will not let you long. Each Subsequent walkthrough will help you to learn more about the world in which the action of the game unfolds and a new look at some events. After acquaintance with the game I wanted to learn more about the world of PSYCHO-PASS, and it is worth a lot. I Strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with this masterpiece, which by my criteria only slightly inferior to the magnificent Steins; Gate. My score is 10 points out of 10! P.S. the Review is written by one of the authors of Special Games Club. Other reviews Of Our group can be found here.