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«Blew my mind»
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
So I have to really say that the Game has been implemented super, is basically simple as a complete Port of the PC version. Also Fun and is relatively playable. Only Problems I've noticed: 1.) Bugs-> you know from the PC version, but it's annoying when you perish. 2.) Ranking-> Find That you get upgraded too quickly. Am now Solo Silver II, although my Aim is actually non-existent, I really hardly meet anything (without long to aimen). Just get into the top 25 Or The Top 10 by the fact that I am fellow thinking and tactical, mostly in the Top 25 or even the Top 10, but usually only through superior Equip or as I said the Tactics. But in an Aimduell I am always very outnumbered, so you have no real Chance of a very good Placement. Update: Was just a Noob. Nevertheless, I still Think that one will be upgraded at the Beginning, but now (Gold IV) that goes perfectly fine. 3.) Emulators-> Has certainly already noticed that some Emulator Players are on the way. If I had to appreciate, I have already met one or the other, but you can't prove anything. In any case, it Would be quite nice if the Developers somehow got to grips with this.
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Microsoft from Italian
One of the most beautiful games in circulation. I have a very simple iPhone 6 and I do not have any problem if not some bug problems (sometimes the trees become transparent and you see people over the walls) and in addition, sometimes, the inscription pops up lost (although I have internet connection) but after D I open up the game and it goes really well. I like to die, it takes you in everything and everything as a game and is never annoying. There are several options to play, classic that never betrays and arcade that involves you more as there is more movement and many maps on which to indulge to learn about new hiding places and new posts. It Is a game really done well and not like so many other facts with "the feet", I have nothing to complain about so 5 stars full. Before downloading the Application Boys/Young/children/Adults READ What is written below in the information. If you download an application on iphone 5 you have to read that there is clearly written that the game is not supported by iphone 5, so you can not put 1 star just because you crashes because it is not correct as what. And Add one more thing, when you play you can always monitor the Internet connection 3G or Wi-Fi during the game, check it to avoid then to be with the lost connection while doing some important game. Good game at all and do not abuse, play the right to have fun, do not become addicted! ✌ 🏻