Pumpkin Jack reviews

There are some issues I had with this game, mainly the floaty and slidey platforming that you have to do but overall you can tell this game comes from a love of character adventure games of the PS One era like Spyro and Medievil. The game is fairly simplistic but it has a lot of charm to it. One of the bigger issues I didn't understand was why the player had so little health or why they took so much damage. I found myself not really able to go on the offensive properly without almost dying. I just ended up using the shotguns roll attack to spam on enemies. There was one mini boss fight that really annoyed me because of the mechanics it used.  When fighting Santa near the end of the game, you need to attack the correct present shape to hit into a cutout so that you can progress the meter. Only issue is the meter starts going back down far to quick and it's actually a lot harder to aim the presents hit to hit the mark. That being said, this game was made largely by one person and knowing that it is very impressive. This game gave me a lot of Medievil vibes, a game I had a lot of similar issues with yet look back on fondly. Hopefully the developer continues to improve on their upcoming works because this game shows they have great potential.