Puzzle Dimension reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Puzzle dimension is a surprising game both by its originality and by its graphic invoice which deserves to be played at least once, if only by simple curiosity. Puzzle dimension mixes elements of reflection and action in a very harmonious whole. The goal of the game: collect all the flowers of a level before going out through the portal. But it is far from being won. Despite its simple appearance, the puzzles quickly become very complex and require excellent visualization capability. The movements are done using the arrows on the keyboard. We move the ball one tile at a time using the arrows to "depixize" the tiles with the retro look on its way and give them a modern look. It is also possible to jump over a tile with the spacing bar to avoid the holes or obstacles encountered along the way. Getting started is very easy at the beginning; We move quickly from the main menu to the tutorials and then to the game itself. By the way, the menus immediately present the options to be landed by playing, as well as the following series of levels as game themes. Interestingly, these additional themes completely change the aspect of the game and thus allow to choose its favorite atmosphere. The sounds and music recall the arcade games from the years 70 to 80 which, combined with the pixelated tiles, gives a very special look to the levels when you enter them. The behavior of each individual tile is very simple. It is their combination that brings all its depth to the game. The difficulty of the puzzles increases very quickly and not only the tiles form vicious obstacles, but their disposition in space is equally important and fully exploits the three dimensions. If the basic displacement only rolls the ball on the surface of the tiles, it is not uncommon to have to jump or throw in the void to go to a lower platform and eventually pass on the other side of an already explored tile. The number of parameters to be taken into account in determining the path to be taken to complete a level offers excellent mental exercises. Fortunately, it is possible to put the game in pause mode at any time to take the time to observe the situation from all angles. The game offers two ways to play and allows you to switch from one to the other as you wish. The first is simply to solve the puzzles one by one to unlock the following. The second way to play is to pass the levels as quickly as possible in order to get a higher score and thus unlock additional themes and levels to be able to enjoy it faster. This additional challenge is not necessary but allows to visit the levels with a new goal in mind-that of performance-once they have been solved. Puzzle dimension is highly recommended for amateurs of the genre. The only shadow on the Board is the lack of a level editor, which reduces replayability once you have passed all levels at least twice. Nevertheless, the game offers multiple dimensions to explore and enjoys a superb performance.