QP Shooting - Dangerous!! reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
You Can Read this review in my Blagh: http://www.agustinfest.com/2016/09/qp-shooting-dangerous-infierno-de-balas-y-budin/* I'm Not very fond of bullet hell because they always kill me and make me cry. The last I played with some perseverance was Ikaruga's. And after a few days, I sighed deep, picked up my appendix and stroked my liver, and I said, "enough." But there is something of wonderful and inevitable in that kind of games that sometimes you can't leave them. Both Click Pixel in the battle and how they get together, what if they were jackals of the same band Tepiteña, and all are fans to put a madriza and the joke of the game is that you overcome them all, and be the king. * QP Shooting Dangerous!! It is the second game of a series, as I read around and also read that follows the absurd adventures of the first. Not much history, but the game is fun and absurd. You play the role of a girl-rabbit (I'm tempted to call it QP), which must beat other girls or students, archetypal style anime/manga. The characters are entertaining and the scenarios have their joke, but do not seem memorable or remarkable within the genre. The Objective: To know who the hell stole the pudding. Dessert that I think is very popular in Japanese schools; The whole game, in a strange way, reminds me of a fabulous episode of "My Boss, my hero", one of the best doramas I've seen in my entire life. * What distinguishes this game from other bullet hells? The formations. The main character gets little bunnies that work as secondary shooters and you can change them from training to better fit your type of game. Of Course, if you play this several times, you get points to buy more formations. Some are well mafufas, and with that I mean that they are for players too advanced or nailed (these formations tend to give more points for enemy dead and are intended to overcome better scores), but there are others that are entertaining and truly Useful. * Another distinctive feature is the Conquest mode, designed especially for Viejillos refunfuñones like me. In This mode you can save the game after passing a level and thus ensure you get the best score possible, with the greatest number of lives saved, and so perfect your stage game on stage. This is pretty cool for people who can't sit for hours and not be willing to cry blood. That Is to say: For all of us who are not obsessive Japanese. * Do I Recommend QP Shooting Dangerous!!!? Simon. Although it has facilities for the gamer casual, it also has challenges and possibilities of play for the most demanding. The downside is that the steam scoreboards are hacked to infinity, but you can play it with a friend or challenge your buddy, and that will provide enough fun. Shots Game: A tequila or whiskey horse every time someone says "pudding." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHSBUh4gelc&list=PLf3hSHJ6VZaN0uoJEzz3wSZZlFd-b6d6Q