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Being a robotic assistant is hard. Especially when you realize that you are an insignificant pile of low-quality circuits doomed to a meaningless life. Help Richard, a nihilistic robot, to escape from the factory that classified him as defective just for his deep (and potentially depressing) questions about life, hoping to find answers in the outside world. You will have to explore, jump, pull levers, move obstacles... but you have enough RAM only for two of these actions at the same time!

R1CH4RD is a 3D puzzle-platform that puts you in control of Richard, a robot with a pessimistic view on life which can memorize only two actions. You will have to explore the huge floors of the robot factory and find the right disks to reach the next stage: each disk encodes an action that you can assign to a button. Pick the best action for the best situation and remember your limits: at some time you will have to leave a disk behind!

NOTE: it is highly recommended to play with a controller. PS4 and Xbox controllers are supported.

Release date
POLIMI Game Collective
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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