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Whipped up for the Kenney Jam 2018. This is my first publicly released prototype of a game and my first entry into any sort of Game Jam. The theme was "Time Travel" and required the use of only Kenney's large assortment of public domain assets.

Note: There are no sound effects or music yet.

How to play

  • Click the green arrows to "portal" in ranged units from the future (requires 25 energy). Ranged units will slowly fade... back to the future.
  • Click the enemy units to deal a small amount of damage (like a clicker game).
  • Your ground units will increase by one every 5000 years of "hacked" time.
  • Game currently ends when the time hits 2018... yup.

Largely incomplete and not optimized or balanced, the idea of the game is that the longer your survive, the more time you "hack" through. This allows you to go into the future and bring back more advanced weapons and upgrades.

At the moment, only has two weapons: rocks (beginning) and arrows (at year -10000). Would eventually have many different weapons and armor upgrades from around their relative points in history. Would possibly have some hover-ups giving some pseudo-accurate historical information about the weapon or armor. Would also like to eventually add specials that allow things like rushing with your units, hacking through a large amount of time, and so on to get a leg up on the enemy.

A side note: the idea actually started out as a two-player game that could be played on a phone or tablet (one person on each end of the device).

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R2R2R screenshot, image №1171086 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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