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Rabiez: Epidemic

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'Rabiez-Epidemic' is a realtime tactical game in zombie apocalypse setting, where the couple of survivors have to fight against hordes of the infected.
Brought to you by the developer of 'AI: Rampage' - the well-received robot apocalypse survival game!

Guide your band of survivors as they attempt to escape the epicentre of the infection!

Safe places are hard to come by; danger is everywhere! Do you choose to merely survive, or attempt to stop the epidemic in this territory?Main Features
  • Original combination of tactical elements and Arcade gameplay
  • Realistic survivor AI
  • Wide range of level types and settings
  • Built on the custom, acclaimed engine that powers AI: Rampage!
  • Steam Achievements & Steam Cloud
Release date
Sekerin Productions
New Reality Games
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10
  • Processor: Dualcore AMD,INTEL
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, AMD Radeon HD2600, Intel HD 2000
  • Storage: 90 MB available space
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Last Modified: Oct 21, 2022

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Rabiez: Epidemic reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Product received for free run little zombie, run... Rabbet: epidemic, released in 2016, is a small independent strategy game, where the goal is to make your little policemen and civilians survive several zombie attacks. The more:-the gameplay is simple, we control policemen, who have weapons and mines, and only they can kill the zombies. So you have to survive several waves of zombies, while protecting civilians at your expense. -The game is quite stressful, when you start to be overwhelmed by the number, or when you know that someone is infected, but it is not known when it will definitely transform itself. -The devs have added a game mod where we control the zombies, which is quite fun. -For the price, (about €2 off-balance), the service life is respectable, about 3-4H to finish all levels. The game has 10 levels, + zombie mode. -The game imposes a certain difficulty, not insurmountable, but requires to think a minimum to finish a level. The less:-not a lot of soundtrack. -The characters take a lot of time to react, and often block against everything and nothing, which is quite painful when one is chased by zombies. -Graphically not crazy-crazy, he could have worked a little more details. -Create your own maps would have been welcome, adding life span, and surely more interest in the game. Conclusion: Rabiez: epidemic is a small game to take care of an afternoon. It could have been more advanced level gameplay and content. To take all the same on sale, despite the price. ____ If you have found this assessment useful, and want to discuss it with a drink, come join our curation page and our forums!
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Rabiez: Epidemic" is a top-down Tactical real-time zombie game. Again, a Zombie Apocalypse. From above we see a rather small Map, one of quite a few. We are a small Squad Police officer with Handguns. Mostly it starts with a single Infected person. He puts other "neutral" People in when he catches them, who then, after some Time, also become Zombies. We police Officers, too, can be infected. Depending on the Map, a certain Number must survive and all Zombies must be destroyed. In doing so, we do not control the Policemen directly, but click on them and give them Orders. So we can command You to attack Zombies or also protect Civilians. We can also let them go to certain Points. Some Cards also have a Zombie Mode in which we have to start Zombies as a small Squad and infect everyone. The fact That the Game has bigger Problems can already be seen in the fact that this Zombie Mode is easier by Class than the normal Mode. This is because Zombies only have to run loose on the Enemies without being too aggressive to avoid being shot. The Policemen, on the other hand, have to shoot, keep their Distance from the Infected and also take care of Civilians. But this often turns out to be difficult, because our Law Enforcers apparently still have their own Brains, because rarely do they really do what they are told. Also they like to be haphazess and awkward, just stop at House Corners or run suicidal into the Zombies. Graphically, the Game is mostly kept in blurred earth colors, you can also say it's dirty. The Sounds are moderate, at best fit for purpose. The Idea and concept of the Game are not wrong, but the weak Execution and especially the buckly Protagonists make it one of the annoying Variety. Rating: 4/10 Atmosphere 2/10 Story 4/10 Graphic 4/10 Sound 4/10 Game Mechanics 2/10 Balancing 3/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Since I'd rather let the Brain Suck Out. 3/10 Overall Rating
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