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The full version of Racine is coming soon to GOG.COM. You can wishlist it here

The spirits have gone mad and are assaulting the humans throughout the land. You, the Wanderer, one of the ancient protectors overseeing the relations between humans and spirits, have been awoken to find the source of their anger and restore balance, with the help of your praying cards. Explore a world full of mysteries, enchanting landscapes and mythological creatures, and face unrelenting waves of hostile spirits that will try to prevent you from discovering the secret behind their uprising.

Thanks to the praying cards in your hand, you will be able to influence the outcome of the fights, but you'll have to do it swiftly: since all of the action is happening in real time the enemies will attack you as soon as they can, whether you played your cards or not. No need to rush into the melee though, for the boosts you give to your character carry on between the fights, so take your time to wisely select the cards you will take with you on your journey.What to expect? -Dynamic real time combat with increasing intensity: Quickly use your cards to give your character a chance to survive not only the current fight, but also the ones to come. Everything happens in real time so you need to help your avatar by using your cards before he gets crushed by the relentless attacks of the spirit.

-Manage your character appropriately: Act fast but not too hastily, the intensity of the fights will keep increasing so you need to optimize your character's boosts properly if you want to stand a chance. Since stats boosts you give your character persist between encounters, you may want to think about what would be the most useful things to increase from the start.

-Build your deck: According to your play-style and the dangers to come, you may choose different kinds of cards to take with you on your journey. You'll have to make a choice, and this choice will determine what options will be available to you when the time to fight comes.

-Gather new praying cards: Explore various areas to find powerful cards that will help you on your journey. Find ancient shrines and sacred sites to discover the cards they hide.

-Start to uncover the secrets of this world: Seek the answers to the mystery of the sudden burst of violence displayed by the spirits, and unveil a part of the truth about the roots of the world you wander.
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Antoine Descoubet
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Last Modified: Apr 4, 2022

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