Raid On Coasts reviews

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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review Raid On Coasts is an indie strategy that just conquered my heart. I would. Where can you fully kick the Yankees ass? Such games can be counted on the fingers, where we are Russia Matushka give US bream. And I don't want to stir up a political conflict. Don't Even try to reproach me. That's where this conflict Is and Kindle. Let US slowly move on to the game itself, not the political arena 1) Gemplay. Very simple and quick to be respected. In a minute of its great epic you understand that here is how it works and how to wean the Yankees to seize the oil and the villages that are so necessary for our mother of Russia (it is necessary To deliver the columns of humanitarian aid! And Then there is no place to go!). ONE OFFENSE: I love the strategies that allow you to move the camera buttons, and here I did not find it, although it did not prevent me kick the ass Yankee. Once You've mastered the management, you want more and more blood! Yes, the map is only one, but at different levels of complexity, different effects. I say at once: the Huazki Imba! 2) Relax. You know, There would be more small strategists who don't load your brain (For example, The famous Tsiva... There's a full paragraph!), and just give relax and shoot the Americans (No I'm not racist. I kill all races in The same way) Everything is perfect: simplicity, quick culmination, lack of any tactics (Just crush the meat... Although better than the Uazkami) and the desire to roll another skating rink for a quick 5 minutes, because, indeed, the rink is fast and it is quite possible to roll, while looking for a game or just kill the N-th amount of time 3) Atmosphere. Ivan! Everywhere these ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ the Yankees! They're in the bushes, they're in the villages, they're at the oil-producing station. A Little blink and op! Ivan! THEY'RE ALREADY ON YOUR FREAKING BASE! HURRY UP AND SEND THE TROOPS THERE! In General the atmosphere of a kind of fun and even euphoria, because the game is so fast that you need to blink through time. There is no Musical accompaniment as such, but it is for the better (We are not in the toys play Comrade Captain!) 4) And Now it is the turn to mock Ivanami. In The game you can play and for Americkosov! AND BEAT ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ a Ivanov. No wonder they're everywhere too! 5) You Know that I was more surprised that the Russians speak American, so solemnly: "Yes will be fulfilled, my son!". No, I understand that for American Marines it is acceptable, but for our compatriots... I had a smile at once. Bottom Line: The game came out pretty, enjoyable, and even very exciting. Addictive is not bad. I just played a little, but I do not intend to stop. True Price little bites, but under the Pivasik... Oh! It is possible to buy Under the Skidonchik. 10 Unbreakable Union Republics of 10 You can read our opinions about other games in the group: