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Rakion Chaos Force

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Facing the opponent with a sharp weapon
Rakion offers you the thrill and intensity of facing your enemies in an unpredictable battle. You will find yourself fighting with strong bash attacks and combos that will throw your opponents to the ground.
Analyze the enemy’s motion and predict the next move. Feel the satisfaction of outsmarting other players by reading their weak spots and striking at the right moment. Combine different attacks or charge a powerful blow; but be careful, the risk of finding yourself exposed while doing so can revert the course of the battle.
The game provides many different guard and catch techniques. Using various combinations, you can utilize strong catch attacks that will spin your enemies into the air and will give you the opportunity to smash them with your weapons.

You’re not alone.
We bring to you the Cell System, a source of mysterious magic power harvested from a shattered ancient orb.
Players can summon creatures with Cell Points (CP), to fight by their side and can be obtained in matches. These infamous creatures will attack you as enemies or support you, as allies.
Creature’s power might be based in numbers, endurance or elemental effect. You can summon a swarm of creatures to outnumber enemies; single large beasts which can protect you by taking damage or vicious beasts that set the ground on fire.
You should consider the predominance of your creatures before the battle whether against other characters or creatures as well.

Challenge until the world surrenders to you.
You can play various game modes such as Team Battle, Death match and Golem. However, keep in mind that the greatest power doesn't guarantee victory every time. Consider switching strategies, the enemy you could face or even luck and deceiving. Collect items and creatures while training your skills in Rakion stages.
Rakion realms are always waiting for you to challenge them.

Sometimes, you’d want to play by yourself to avoid the countless battles. There are plenty of stages that you can play alone or with 2~3 friends in Rakion. Players can train their battle techniques, and solve the puzzles within the various stages.

Team battle and Death Match
Team up with other players to smash your opponents in Team Battles or survive by yourself in a “Deathmatch”. Winning or losing shouldn’t always depend on a single player. Exploits each player role and uniqueness to build an unbreakable team.
In Death match, players show their fiercest side to be the player who will stand on their feet most of the time. Players can win by achieving a target kill number or the higher kill count within a limited time.

Golem mode
Destroy the enemy’s Master Golem and protect yours at any cost.
A third one, the neutral Golem holds the mythical Golden Sword: the only weapon that will grant the player that gives the last blow, the power to kill the enemy golem. Protect the carrier of the Golden Sword and aim for the , and get along with him.

Advanced Class
Characters that reach the maximum level and meet certain criteria, can be promoted to the Advanced Class, by accomplishing special quests. The Advanced Class Characters keep their status, but gain access to a brand new powerful weapon. Experience a whole new level of combat with the Advanced Class Characters.

Item-Craft, Enchant & Dissolve
Items in Rakion can be crafted, enchanted or dissolved. Dissolving items you don’t use anymore is a way to obtain materials that can be used to craft other advanced items or to enchant them. Materials for crafting or enchanting items can be obtained by dissolving items or by clearing stages.

You can infuse your characters and creatures with the mighty attributes of water, fire and wind.
Learn and compare each element’s unique properties, as these Attributes can serve as an advantage or disadvantage. Choose wisely and balance your strengths and weaknesses to build the definitive character and creature combination with the power of the Attributes Stones.
Release date
Neosonyx Co
Neosonyx Co
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Window 98,Window ME, Window XP, Window 2000 or higher
  • Processor: Pentium III 800Mhz
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 2 MXRADEON 9200
  • Storage: 1 GB available space
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Last Modified: Apr 13, 2020

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