Raptor: Call of the Shadows (1994 Classic Edition) reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
At DOS times I had the shareware version, which "only" consisted of the first of three Episodes, but even that was already full-length. As a Student, I had no Idea how to order a Software Title from the UNITED States, nor the necessary Pocket Money. For under £250 in the Summer sale, it was then a nice retro bargain. With some old DOS games I am later surprised that such a simple Game principle was Fun at that time. At Raptor, it is precisely the Reduction to the essentials that makes it a fast-paced endurance fire shooter with a pretty 2D pixel graphics even for today's standards. No #! §% ß download, do not meet Quests, just Spend drinks, Dodging and the Credits on even thicker Wummen. Only Shortcoming: The Mouse control does not come by Default, unfortunately I had to unlock it awkwardly by loading the setup.exe mounted & mounted in the Dosbox, and it also feels a bit sluggish.
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Microsoft from Spain
Enjoy this game a lot in my childhood, at this time I see it differently as I appreciate it more if possible. Well did not know the title of the game until you visualize a video on You Tube, is a classic of the developer Apogee exclusive of programming very basic games in two dimensions and this is one of the best, because you wonder, I find very direct and implies From the beginning. This company known since 90 has collaborated with 3D Realms to launch FPS'S in 2D as the Duke Nukem 3D and the infamous Rise of the Triad The Dark Wars, in my opinion masterpieces of the panorama of the time. It Is A game emulated by the Two Box platform, the old TWO or MSDOS, in that aspect could have polished a little but good... I'm not complaining because I move to the past and that's positive. The menu of the game is very simple, does not have many entries and the options or settings are limited only to sound topics, ie the volume of music and sound effects known as FX, we can import a game from the memory or start new Starting... From the beginning and we will be able to select the Difcultad from trainer to expert, passing by rookie and veteran... Then we will go to rename our pilot card choosing between several characters, this is hardly significant in the future... In the next screen we will see a hangar where we have three options; embark on a mission, save the game and buy Arsenal... That simple. Before Inica A mission will give us the possibility to choose between three different sectors, each with their scenarios, enemies and Boss... I recommend choosing the first one. The scenarios in each sector are very similar not to say identical, which may vary are hordes of enemies and the boss.. ESRO is all... There are areas to destroy on stage, energy capsules for our ship or armament, mostly rockets and once a nuclear bomb that clears the map completely. The controls are simple and have not adapted the controls to the keyboard mouse, only with the keyboard and the movement to both sides is very coarse and forced. I do not get into graphic aspects cuz consider it a game of the 90 and only had the means of the time so it is passable. One of the best games of the company that is hidden in the catalog of Steam and invite you to buy a copy... It is the only one next to Rise of Triad... The rest are expendable, that's all b_H