Rayman Adventures reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Very good game in my opinion, I always liked to make new adventures. The positives: Unlike many free-to-play games, there is not absolutely no need to pay to win. Indeed, the best strength is not in cards, medals, etc... but yours! In this case, your ability to successfully complete 2D adventure platforms. However, rare resources (GEMS) have their place in this game and only serve to acquire the different costumes whose only role is to entertain the eyes, scarce resources are also used to accelerate regeneration. For this last use, if you have at least patience, you will not need it. Negative points: intrusive advertisements are present, they usually appear at the end of a level, they can exasperate you especially if their content does not seduce you and that it is always the same! The greatest utility I could find in advertisements is that by viewing them, you can win either one or two gems or a point of endurance. In any case, these gains do not seem to me to be up to 30 seconds of advertisements. The advertisements that bring you these winnings are not intrusive, but intrusive advertisements do not pay you anything and spoil the game. To be honest, if the advertisements did not take as much space in the game, I would have given him without hesitation a good 5/5
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Long-term Fun is limited. Too bad, because the Game has started promisingly. However, It doesn't take long and the Level Designs repeat themselves. What a glorious Idea to simply let the Character start in the opposite Direction In the side-mirrored environment, the Level feels completely new! The Degree of difficulty fluctuates greatly, too bad that some Tasks felt are not to be created without Helpers. The Lum collection tasks annoy me the most. One or two collecting Helpers and already the pointless Jumping Lum rows at Approach are no longer a Problem. It's just a Pity that real Playing skills aren't extra rewarded, on the Contrary: The more Plush Viewers I use, the more Points I get at the End. It would be Nice if you would eventually find the necessary Members of a Family and then complete them. Such Successes could create Motivation to stick with the Game. Instead, gaps are gaping As new Families are discovered. Through the Season Families I will never be able to complete the Tree anyway. And which Egg waits at the End of a Level also seems pure Arbitrariness. Too bad, completely savvy, so I'm getting off now. And this with basically great Game Ideas, lovingly animated Characters and a really successful Level Design. Hello, we appreciate your Suggestion/Feedback and will share the same with our team. Keep Enjoying Rayman Adventures!