Re-Volt reviews

A unique game worth checking out is an arcade racing game with a touch of realism. However, this game is full of childhood nostalgia. Take, for example, the weapons available, such as firecrackers or water balloons, things children often play with.

Special attention is paid to the design. The game features 5 difficulty modes, but controlling the cars in each of them is not as simple. The physics of the cars is not like real ones, so any collision can lead to skidding or flipping over. Thus, you must be extremely careful.

Also, the race tracks themselves are atypical. They're not just circles, but tracks with obstacles. You don't always know where to turn unless you've looked at the arrow indicator beforehand. This style of map adds adrenaline and requires quick reactions.

The game design itself is done in bright colors, and it still looks good even now because of its cartoonish style.
«Blew my mind»