realMyst reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Norsk
Remember that I spent infinity with time on this when this came on the PC in the Nineties. At The time, realMyst was also the one who made it more able to move more freely in the game. This iPad version is no exception, wonderful mood, beautiful graphics and music that takes you into the game. It says it's optimized for Retina display and it's makes the game just even more gorgeous. Only thing that I can put my finger on is that not all elements of the game are optimized. When reading books for hints, the font is unclear and not good. Moving in the game works very well. The Controls work impeccably. A Little stutter can happen, but is not a big problem. Recommend this game to both the "old" Myst fan and for you who haven't tried Myst before, this just needs to be played.
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Purely financial reasons must explain the indifference of cyan to its non-English speaking clients. Yet the few explanatory interventions are very simple to include in the course of history and it would not have been necessary to spend a lot of energy to propose them in the different languages. There is also a French version limited to the iPhone unusable on Tablet whose sound would have been sufficient. But no, the Americans are beating their eyes. We cause English on the entire surface of the globe or nothing. It doesn't matter that you do not understand what Sirrus, Achenar or Atrus say. What we want is money and we know that you will eventually buy it anyway the English version, so if you can save a few dollars...
Translated by
Microsoft from Swedish
For those of you who are not familiar with Myst, it was one of the most important computer games for game development in the 90 century. You've accidentally fallen into a book and have ended up in Myst. You are on an island that you have to explore and you get different clues of Atreus (the creator of Myst) and his sons. None of them are, however, where-or rather the sons Sirrus and Achenor are trapped in each book and want you to free them, but not the other of them. Who should you? And where is the Atreus itself. By listing How everything works, you yourself will be able to travel to some of the other worlds that Atreus created by writing. There you can find what can liberate the prisoners. If you dare to do it? Ported computer graphics of a kind that were very advanced in the 90 century. In The futures of Myst, the graphics became even more sophisticated and 3D-depressed. No game to rush through. The Task is relatively simple, once you've taken it. Part of the experience is precisely the different worlds and Bakgrundsstoryn. So far (?) only the first two parts are available for iOS. We'll see if the others are coming too.
I haven't played any Myst game (including original Myst) before I played realMyst. I had fun with this game, the puzzles are brilliant. They are logical enough and with just the right balance between easy and hard to be entertained without any walkthroughs. After this game I tried others from the original Myst series and found out that the puzzles are the same actually and they weren't entertaining at all to solve for the second time. Also you get less beatiful graphics from the past. If you would like to play a Myst game or solve puzzles and have no experience with other titles, I'd recommend this one. But if you have played others, I wouldn't give it a try, unless you are a fan of the series.