Reckless Getaway reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
My opinion is mixed. One side has a game that enjoys a good graphic realization (retina and I go...) and also a gameplay, and a catchy interest. Indeed, the goal is to escape the authorities that will sue you, various bonuses and others will help you to pass your missions. But there are drawbacks. The price, much too expensive (at least at present stage) but also the fact of the lack of multi, and especially the replayability. Indeed, Polarbit put everything on it, unfortunately we hardly go back, and supplemented the 4 stars is relatively easy. I can then advise you this game only if it is at €0.79, no more (I will come back on my note over the game update) GameCenter: KiillRoy
Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
Good title, done very well, fluid, graphically defined but completely different from the first Reckless Racing chapter. The Basic concept has become a bit of need for speed... That is, escape from the cops, sow panic in the streets, collect + coins possible, since they are ultimately to advance you in the game. Funny, but surely as I wrote in the title does not create addiction as the first. The tracks of the first were true masterpieces and also the mode of control. In fact, another thing has changed... The road continues to advance and you have to "stay behind", that is, if you slow down or get involved in an accident go to "wreck". This implies only control of the direction, great flaw. Let's say it's a good title but I would have preferred a continuous of the first, since it was a winning formula. Then said between us, when there is a game like Death Rally, competing is difficult... That's real dope.