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Red Spider2: Exiled

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Red Spider 2: Exiled is a Hong Kong Noir style Visual Novel.
This is a prequel to Red Spider:Vengeance
There are 6 story routes with the different characters shown in the table below.
There are approximately 200,000 words shared between all the routes.SynopysisLycoris was allegedly a hostess that worked at the KTV bar, but in reality, she was a member of an assassin syndicate called "the Web".
She was working for Lau Kin Ming, a police inspector, to kill members of underworld mobs.
One day, Lau Kin Ming ordered her to kill his subordinate, Lai, because Lai discovered that he's using an assassin syndicate.
But she refused and killed Lau instead.
As a result, she is currently being pursued by the syndicate and Lai introduced her to Yeung Kwun, the leader of the Red Flower Society, an underworld mob that operated in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
Yeung Kwun sent her to Bangkok to hide her from the Web.
In Bangkok, she happened to see Zhang Lei, her regular customer at KTV bar and also the leader of HH brothers, an underworld mob.
Wolf, Lycoris' childhood friend, accompanied Zhang Lei.
Meanwhile, a probationary inspector, Sam, and a senior constable, Chase, were investigateing the death of Lau Kin Ming.
Looking for evidence of who murdered Lau, Sam found his colleague, Lai, was with a woman from CCTV footage.
Sam suspected that Lai was involved in the murder.
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  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Adobe AIR application

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  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Adobe AIR application
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Red Spider2: Exiled reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Demagogia (Dr.-Grech. Δημαγωγία "The leadership of the people; Ziskivanie from the People ")-a set of oratory and polemic techniques and means to mislead the audience and persuade her to his side, with the help of false theoretical reasoning, based on logical errors (Sofimah). Most Often used to achieve political goals, advertising and propaganda. The Etymology of the term Demagog (Dr.-Grech. Δημαγωγός) is a Democrat and dictator in Ancient Greece; Also a populist, a "people's" politician. Initially, the word had no negative connotation and signified that Aristotle (perhaps because of discrediting the term "demagogue") passed through the expression "Prostat (protector, representative of interests) of the people". "Prostatami people", that is, democratic leaders, for most of the V century B.C. were descendants of noble birth, such as Femistkla or Perikla. The Situation is changing by the end of the century, when the avant-ray of political life is out of the unknowing "upstart" like the owner of the leather workshop of Kleon or the owner of the studio lamps Hyperbola with radical political aspirations (in modern Their name is "leaders of radical Democracy"). Opponents blamed them for populism, political irresponsibility, corruption and play on the lowest and darkest instincts of the crowd. Thanks to them the concept of "demagogue" begins to denote the politician-populist and approaches to the modern value. In the sense of the modern term "populist" it was used in the XIX century, for example, for the designation of revolutionary leaders. Moreover, the "Dictionary of Foreign words" of 1954 defines the term "demagogue" as "politician, a person trying to create a popular among the masses unworthy means (perversion of facts, flattery, etc.)", that is quite in ancient Greek sense of the word. Striking and not losing the relevance of satire of political demagogy is given in the comedy Aristophanes "Riders", directed personally against Kleon. Kleon is deduced in it under the name Papflahonza, the servant of the survivor of the mind of the Old Man Demos ("People"), deceiving and insulting his master.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Red Spider 2: Exile-A criminal visual novel about Asian criminal groups, which is the background of the first part. In many respects it is identical to the first part, only the plot differs, look for example my review on the first part: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Drogobar/recommended/537130/. 1) Plot: Our heroine Yvette after the murder of the chief of Police in Hong Kong, moved to Bangkok, to escape from possible persecution by both police and their companions on crime. From This and begins the story that will lead (or not lead, the true root here alone, although the ending plus-minus the same), to the beginning of the first part. Rutov still remained 6, but the text became more, so the game on the length of a long time in 2 than the last part. At the beginning we are open only 2 rue, the rest can be opened after the first passes. The Runes again do not change the main part of the story, but change the love interest and companion of our heroine. This part of the plot became more gloomy (almost all the main characters will die as a friend of Shakespeare bequeathed), plus the text on social themes-a difficult childhood, domestic violence and so on, became more. In General, the story is still interesting. 2) Gameplay: All as in other visual novels, while the shoals of the first part remained unchanged. Still there is no normal rewinding of repeating text, all the same button config at the first start of the game. With the election in the text the situation is the same as in the first part, there are 6 election ruts, and a few intermediate. All! The Rest is just text. 3) Graphics and sounds: The backs are all in the same style of the pictures. Faces are still erased, so that you can imagine the ideal Asian Bandit. Music is still not bad, but better suited for a dynamic film than to read the text, because the reading is somewhat annoying. In addition, the tracks remained the same as in the first part. As a result: a good continuation of the first part. The Story of the novel was not bad, but the technical part is not corrected, and the picture with the music did not become better (the truth too, but we are for progress?). I recommend to Fans of criminal stories and Hong Kong militants. 8 out of 10.
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