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Resident Evil 7 / Biohazard 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour reviews

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Includes Spoiler * * * As a Fan of the first Hour, I am happy to Capcom, it seems, has taken the Wishes of the Fans to heart and is once again launching a Resident Evil Part which lives up to the series, or rather the first 3 Parts. All those who call themselves Resident Evil Veterans and Yearn for the "I have the pants full" moments will finally be dished out again, if you can see this from the short Teaser! A few Criticisms still exist for my part! On the one hand, I do not find the Lightning Effects balanced, that is, there are Rooms that are completely black and nothing can be seen at all. Just as modest Is the Light effect of your companion'S Flashlight when you play the Prehistory. I hope this will be fixed until the Release or at least adjusted in a later Patch, otherwise only the Brightness remains to turn up. But even with the little Carkos, I'm looking forward to Goosebumps and Heart attack again!
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Is quite well implemented. Has very strong the Character of the Original Blair Witch Movie with Video Camera, VHS Cassettes and grain effects. Also the interactive Video Review, in which it is communicated as if by a Wink from the Past, as it proceeds next for the Protagonist, a Welcome alternative is to be displayed as banal: "There is the Arrow, there must press the Switch then Is that happening and that. ' All in all no RE, with classic Look ON the Protagonists, be it jetz of Surveillance camera view or Shoulder view 3rd Person, NO! Neither is served. The oppressive EGOPERSPEKTIVE, limited by the BLACK Edge of the EGOPERSPEKTIVE, which is limited only to round-light flashlight, thus creates a Scene in the RE universe that has not yet served its ilk, at least in the Area around RE. However, If you know the Games SOMA, Dread Out and Amnesia, you will feel at home here as well. Whether also, as just mentioned, the State of Mind will have taken hold at RE, unfortunately, was not apparent in The very short TeaserDemo. The Bottom line is a rather solid short Trip but nevertheless I can't tell with such a short Time whether it was good or just a Handbrake Action from CAPCOM in order to be able to jump on the Bandwagon of the VR ... So I only have to recommend: If you like to move in an EGO view and a little bit of Horror and Psycho is certainly on the right ferry here. And if you don't, you're definitely not quite right here. An Action Cracker like Part 4, 5 and 6 is certainly not hidden here and is certainly not wanted. The direction is clearly set. And it's good the RE wants to get back to the Early Days to be a Horror Rock Game and not a commercial Unit Splurge. Personally, I am pleased that RE is going down this Path, even if I would have liked the Camera perspectives of 1.2,3 and Code Veronica again ... But that's a different Story.