Rhino's Rage reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Rhino Horn is coming! Crocodile-Dil-Dil Floats! The Essence of the game of Harry'S Rage is to cheer, push and trample rivals! There is a strategic component, but it is expressed poorly in especially combat with AI. Graphics and animation. 5 out of 10. Beautiful and diverse characters, detailed, but without the proper animation, they were static. Animation of a crumbling rhino, which falls off ears, eyes and horns after defeat and during the attack, looks quite silly and ridiculous. Music and sound. 4 out of 10. Music quickly gets bored, one or two melodies. The Sounds do not shine with variety, often we only hear the sound of a collision forehead in the forehead. Multiplayer. 4 out of 10. Multiplayer is. But It is of questionable quality and interest. In the internet so far, few players, and the search for the enemy turns into the expectation of a miracle. Serious improvements and elimination of bugs are Required, for example, in case of enemy's opponent the only exit ALT + F4! Gameplay, interest and variety. 8 out of 10. Very Strange system of combat, especially in the first minutes of the game. It would Help the training for Dummies, but it is not. But There is a menu in Russian language. This facilitates understanding and mastering the game. But after figured out the game became clear and interesting, in some places simple, but without losing its tactical component. There are no recurring, unique bosses and several types of missions (against all, capture the flag and team battle). For example, all against all-it is when your opponents kill each other, and you sit in the bushes, or team battle-this is the management of a whole herd of rhinos. In missions There are tasks, performing which you get bonuses (banana-currency, things and increase parameters) and the stars needed to open battles with the bosses. As The game progresses and bosses appear new arenas for fights and types of animals opponents, which are well and qualitatively traced, but with a strange animation on the muzzle. Available in the game and inventory. The Objects increase the basic characteristics and give new abilities. Plus items in their dressing are displayed on your fighter, for example, rhino in armor and helmet, looks warlike! There are many Things, and they make a difference in the deadly battle of animals on the screen. The same items give various bonus attacks and special techniques. But sometimes items are removed by themselves, which contributes to the loss in battle. Total. The Average score for all four criteria is 5.25, but it is a subjective estimate. The Game I do not recommend until it is finalized! There Are still a lot of glitches and bugs in Rina'S Rage. The Game came out raw. For example, while it is impossible to sell an item, there is no full screen mode in Settings. The Product would be suitable for early access, not as a full-fledged, completed project. I see Salvation only in the work of developers to eliminate jambs. The Price is overpriced and if You want to play this game it is worth to wait for big discounts. Sincerely, BananasBoy! Speakers Ste @ M. Curator.