Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free Indiana Jones, are you this? Background the protagonist named Robbie mysteriously falls into an unknown temple, where he appears in front of the spirit, which asks him for help. The Spirit tells that a long time ago in the same temple, sealed the evil demon who threatened to destroy the whole world. But since it was sealed a long time, and this demon is about to get out, and then the world will come to an end. That's Why Robbie was sent to this temple, as he is the only one who can save the world. It'S his only chance. To Save the world, Robbie needs to find three fragments that are scattered throughout the temple. We Need to collect all three, and give them the spirit that brought us to this temple. Then He will unite all these fragments, and create a new stamp to seal back the evil demon. Then They'll let us out. Want more good and honest reviews? Then you're right here. The Gameplay in Front of us hardcore platformer, which you hate for its complexity. The Game of itself is a corridor puzzle, in which we need to wade through the difficult obstacles, take the wind and throw it in the desired area, thus Opening the door from the room. The Traps in this game are killed immediately, and after your death, your corpse stays on the same spot so you don't miss this trap. The game has three levels of difficulty, and of course the most interesting to play on the most difficult. Each mission is distinguished by its approach to the player, because not the whole game will be easy, as it is in the beginning. Next you will have to think a good head, and in addition you need to think of how to pass the obstacles without dying. Also in the game there are bosses, which I learned from the screenshots, because to reach at least one I could not, because of the complexity of the game. So I won't even be able to tell you how to fight them, but I think it's exciting, and it's just as hard. So I advise you to play this game to feel the complexity, and a little reflection of brains, as recently comes less and Less games where you have to think head. The Atmosphere of the music accompaniment, and the design of the temple, creates a feeling as if we are Indiana Jones, who is looking for treasures, and on the way passes difficult obstacles. And It is good, because not in all platformer of this type, there is a good atmosphere, as here. ALL locations are in the same style, it may seem that the game is Monoton and the same type, but it is not. Music is something reminiscent of games from SEGA, which all of course played, there is a sense of nostalgia. But This musical accompaniment would be inappropriate here, if it sounded without any mystery, and mysterity. Conclusion is a Good hardcore platformer in which you have to strain your brains to pass an already difficult level. For fans of this genre, of course it is worth to take, and try to pass all the missions, because it is not so simple. And for those who do not like this genre of games, take at your own risk, although the game is inexpensive.