ROJO: A Spanish Horror Experience

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Is there anything more terrifying than a fascist?

Explore the apartment of a nostalgic Francoist to find your friend in this short First Person Horror experience set in Spain.

Your friend has been missing for days. The only clue she has left you is a note with an address: "Calle de Salamanca, Madrid. Bloque 13, 3°A".

  • Genre: First Person, Horror, Puzzle, Single Player
  • Duration: 20 minutes approx
  • Art Style: 3D, Realistic
  • Engine: Unreal Engine 4

This experience takes place in an oppressive and unique atmosphere, full of references to the traditional Spanish culture. In this experience, the players must explore the creepy apartment to find clues and solve puzzles that help them find the protagonist’s missing friend. With only a flashlight and their ingenuity, the players must enter the darkness and overcome their fears to reach the end.

  • Walk into the dark with just a faulty flashlight.
  • Find all the references to Spanish brands, music and art, in a decadent environment full of religious and Francoist iconography.
  • Explore the apartment and find clues to help you solve the puzzles.
  • Investigate to find out who is behind the disappearance of your friend.

The game has been developed for no commercial purposes. Although some of the elements that appear are based on real life, this game is pure fiction.

ROJO does not represent an apology to the Franco regime or its figure. On the contrary, it is a representation of the terror produced by fascist ideologies, fanaticism and extremism.


Gamepad  Mouse and Keyboard  Action Left Stick WASD or Arrows Move character Right Stick  Mouse Move camera B Left Click or B Interact X Middle Click or X Flashlight Y or RT Right Click or Y Look in detail  Menu Escape Pause game

You can play this game in English or Spanish.

A game developed by Miguel Moreno with Unreal Engine.

Press Kit

Twitter: @mmorenos95

Mail: [email protected]


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Miguel Moreno
Age rating
Not rated

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Last Modified: Dec 24, 2022

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