Rollers of the Realm reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So I played through the story mode and I really like this game! Though at first you might think "how do pinball and RPB go together?" it is a very interesting a grwat solution. So first of the story: The story is Ok, nothing deep and spectacular but nice enough. It's about a girl thiev who runs into trouble with baron. It turns out the baron has plans with some ancient artifact and ofcourse she and her friends which she finds during her quest have to stop evil things from happening. It's quiet standart but nicely done, with well defined character and a few twists and turn here and there but I don't want to spoil too much. For the gameplay: As I said it's a Pinball game but still very different from your normal pinball simulator! This game does a great job in implementing RPG elements into the mechanics of pinball. Generally each Character is a ball, so custamizations already starts with simply things like how big and heavy the ball is. The Thiev for example ist really small and light, she is hard to maneuvre but get to places other characters couldnt. The kinight on the other hand ist really big and heavy, he won't dies as quickly as he is easier to hit, but he is hard to get to places. Then they also included abilities unique to each character: The Hunter can shood arrows and hit enemies even if he doesn't hit them, also he can summon additional balls representing his animals. The knight can summon a shield blocking the whole so he is even less likely to die and the healer can bring dead characters back. Dieing ofcourse happens they way you expect in a pinball game ;) und instead of collecting "points" you collect monex, with which you can buy new characters (which automatically mean more lives as each character is a balls for each level) as well as items that will strengthen their attack, lengthen they special ability etc. Or you collect Mana, which you need for special abilities. Ofcourse if enemies are present you also deal damage or you collect potions that will help you. Interestingly the variety of levels is amazing, although all stages are pinball games the level design varies greatly, often you have to fight your way through but sometimes you have to pass a maze or collect a certain item you need. This variety helps to keep the game freash and interesting. Concerning difficulty: I am no pinball master and got through ok, one a few levels were more challenging and I needed several tries but nothing too bad, also in worst case you can just return to older levels to earn more money and level up before trying again , after all this is not only about skill but also about levelling and equipping ones characters ^^ So I whole heartedly recomend this game for any RPG/ Pinball fan out there! Oh and one other thing: The voice acting is incredible! The characters don't get any coutscenes in which they move, you only have one image of their head and the ball you use during stages so the voivce acting was incredibly important to like tha characters as well as story. These actors certainly brought they characters to live and made me care and enjoy them! Anyway, I already apologize for typos and mistakes ^^* bye