Runaway Express Mystery reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
While she visits a train show with her children, the latter are kidnapped by a mysterious man who embarks them in the runaway express which starts. The young mother has time to climb into the last wagon to try to deliver her offspring. She discovers that the train is occupied by the ghosts of passengers and that she will have to discover the circumstances of their death to have the hope of finding her children. This game is a real curiosity that combines an unlikely scenario with an inahabitual gameplay for this type of game. I have nothing against the supernatural stories populated by ghosts that often allows to show creativity to those who have a minimum of imagination. It is still necessary that the characters have a consistent behavior for the adventure to be immersive. Here the heroine does not seem so panicked by the kidnapping, no more surprised that a historical train can leave an exhibition, not really afraid of being surrounded by ghosts. She will take all her time to get involved in investigating the passengers ' past rather than looking for her children on the train on the pretext that the doors between the wagons only open once each investigation is resolved. Even when she has the opportunity to get off the train, she goes to explore the city without having the presence of spirit to run along the wharf to spot where her children are being held or to ask for help. This leads me to clarify the gameplay of the game. It's a cocktail between dot & click, hidden objects and investigation but without any of these aspects actually being successful. The areas to be explored to retrieve objects to be used are usually quite small and the actions to be performed are often obvious, even if the maximum degree of difficulty is opted for. However, one is not immune to a few combinations of objects a little absurd or illogical, especially a situation at the very beginning of the game that makes fear the worst for the sequel. The SOC have the originality of being presented on the one hand in the form of a place of investigation where one must use specific material to reveal traces of snag and fingerprints as well as a magnifying glass and an electric torch ( This idea is however absolutely not developed and does not bring anything to the game) and on the other hand as a mini chapter of exploration since one must find objects to combine in order to be able to discover then another until the time when one retrieve the one who will be useful to advance in the main scenario (the fact of staying on the only table of SOC restricts the interest of this idea and the objects that take time to be discovered KE are because of the graphics that makes them sometimes unidentifiable). Remains the survey aspect that proposes us to gather on a screen apart all the clues necessary for the resolution of each Riddle. Unfortunately no challenge to hope here because on the one hand the solution is unveiled automatically as soon as all the clues will be placed in the table but also because we understand very quickly the unfolding of the murders so the intigue is simpissime. I would go so far as to say that some "evidence" is not as overwhelming as that and it leads to inferences not as undeniable as that. Finally, some approximate translations can be regretted, even if it does not hinder the progression in the game. Despite all these comments, the game remains pleasant and I want to salute the attempts of the Czechs of Icarus games to put a little originality in this kind of game. They have also released other games in the same genre, including Sharpe investigations and the counterversed lost civilization. On the other hand, game to buy on sale or in bundle because the original price is a hair too high.