Rune Factory 5 achievements

Fish Variety Contest Stamp
Proof you've participated in a Fish Variety Contest. There is no fish that can escape your hook now...probably.
Finished Chapter 1
Congratulations on clearing the first chapter! Getting used to life in Rigbarth yet?
First Monster Friend
Even if they can't understand the words you speak, they're sure to understand you as long as your feelings are sincere.
First Tag-Team Fishing
Fishing is twice as fun when you have a buddy by your side. Your next big haul awaits.
Bean Toss Contest Stamp
Where do those failed dishes come flying in from, anyway?
First Bath Taken
Nothing like a nice soak in a warm bath. Enjoy it to the fullest, there's no rush to get out.
First Fish
A commemoration of your first steps as an angler. A split-second decision is all it took to pull in your rod.
First Shipment
Whether it's the fruits of your farming labor or fine handcrafted accessories, they are sure to spread smiles wherever they go.
First Request Completed
It's always commendable when you do something for others. It's things like these that can change the world, one request at a time.
Finished the Prologue
Congratulations on clearing the prologue! Your story is just getting started, so good luck!
Married Cecil
Congratulations on getting married! It's no mystery that Cecil loves you from the bottom of his heart.
Married Beatrice
Congratulations on getting married! Let Beatrice know you care about her more than anything else in the world!