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Russian Car Driver

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From the author of the Invention 2:

Feel like the legendary driver of VAZ 2108!

Participate in a race through the countryside
Try yourself on rally
Custom your car
Participate in a drag race
Get out of the chase ...

... And try not to bring down a bear
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Age rating
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP and newer
  • Processor: 2.0+ GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics
  • Storage: 540 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Integrated Audio
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Russian Car Driver reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Public: ☐ I will not advise this game, even to my worst enemy... ☑ All audiences ☐ children ☐ fans of the genre or franchise ☐ occasional players ☐ successful hunters ☐ the hardcore gamers ☐ the South Korean PGM graphics: ☐ to vomit on the ground ☑ very bad ☑ bad ☐ correct ☐ good ☐ very good ☐ beautiful to cry Price: ☐ very high... ☐ Dear, expect a promo ☐ affordable ☑ cheap ☐ at this price, it's gift! ☐ Free PC configuration recommended: ☑ my grandmother's computer ☐ entry-level ☐ mid-range ☐ top of the range ☐ a NASA PC getting started: ☑ innate ☐ easy ☐ requires a few hours ☐ difficult ☐ requires the installation of a new arm life span : ☐ Less time than a fly ☑ brief ☑ several hours ☐ several tens of hours ☐ several hundred hours ☐ infinite! Translation level: ☑ not translated ☐ many errors ☐ some errors ☐ nickel ☐ translated in all languages! Bug recurrence: ☐ the game is a kind of big bug in Terminal ☐ the bugs gene the gameplay ☐ the bugs do not bother the gameplay but are present ☑ some bugs ☐ the game is coded to perfection optimization: ☐ really bad ☐ bad ☐ acceptable ☐ correct ☑ To perfection! Success at stake: ☐ that's it!! ☐ To galore! ☐ Many ☐ correct ☑ rarer than saffron... General Notice: ☐ do not play! ☑ At your own peril... ☐ To try ☐ don't waste more time and play! ☐ A must!
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
VAZ-2108-Tasik with bolts or how to manage it? I generally opponent games transferred from mobile platforms to the site Steam, and such games I basically put a diesel.... But "IT" even pleased me. There are in the game both cons and pluses. But about everything in order. I will Not make lists with negatives and pluses, and try to convey the atmosphere that I got running this game. Chic rock-N-roll tracks. The Graphics are pleasing. First-person View. Parking, Drift, Championship, Rally and much more awaits you in this game. The Elastic I would not say that it is straight chic. Fit on the speed here in the turn is very difficult although there is ESP.... Yes-yes on "Eight here is ESP". More interesting.... The Brakes of the front-wheel drive do not react to ABS, or more precisely ABS and does not react to the brakes.... Ah Daaaaah..... I Forgot to say. In the "Eight" there is a ABS. Liked that when confronted with the surrounding objects, the machine is deformed. And on the simple-it's Barking. What is most interesting-in the game for 29r all this can be tasted. I do not understand pure sincere who spits in the direction of this symmulator poisonous saliva. Small Price. There are cards. + Good Graphics for the ported simulator from Mobile to PC. Decent game in the list of libraries (if you take in the account of the developer-Sodomenica). I went to VAZ 2108 for three years. And I can say directly... There is no ABS and ESP On this trough. It's a big minus that they were stuffed. Big minus for the box machine. But It is not a problem.... 158000 the P and the mechanic goes to the machine. The game is good. Who doubts in buying-take, will not regret.
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