S2019 Billiards Battle

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Billiards Battle is a turn based arcade pool game. Choose a ball from your inventory, each of which have different stats, and battle against enemies. Avoid moving wall obstacles and pick up hearts for extra health. Defeat enemies by knocking them into a pocket. Defeating all enemies in a round will unlock their ball type. Unlock all 10 ball types to win!

  • Instructions
    • 1) Select a ball type to use in battle.
    • 2) Take turns with computer enemies attempting to knock each other into the boards pockets.
    • 3) Press Spacebar once to confirm the direction of your shot (indicated by the spinning red arrow) and press the spacebar again to choose the shot’s power.
    • 4) Moving walls during the battle scene act as obstacles.
    • 5) Hearts on the table can be picked up to replenish lost health (up to 3 health).
    • 6) Knocking all opponents for that battle round unlocks that ball type.
    • 7) Lose 1 heart for each time your ball is knocked into a pocket. Losing a life resets the battle round. Lose all your lives and you lose the game and must restart.
    • 8) Unlock all 10 ball types to win the game.
Release date
Case Western Reserve Univ. EECS 290
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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