S2019 Pebbles

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You’re a penguin in love! You have your eyes set on the most wonderful penguin on the iceberg and you know the only way you're going to win their heart is to bring them the finest of pebbles. On your adventure for the finest pebbles in the land you must avoid being eaten by seals whilst navigating through the icy terrain of the antarctic.


Slide through each of the 3 terrains collecting every pebble you see. If you bump into a seal, fall in the water, or hit an icicle, you'll lose one of five precious lives! If you manage to get every pebble in the terrain, a blue portal will pop up that you can enter to transport you to a new terrain. Look for the wooden signs in each level for instructions and to learn where the portal will be!


A - slide left

D - slide right

W - jump

Space Bar - peck*

*Note that once you start sliding, you cannot stop moving until you peck the ice. If you peck twice, you will break the ice block beneath you, fall through, and the ice will regenerate in a few seconds. Peck wisely in order to move around the terrain.

Release date
Case Western Reserve Univ. EECS 290
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: May 3, 2019

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