Sakura Cell Warp or run

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An endless runner Mobile game, You play as a Sakura female. The sakura's are prisoners within the Sakura cell.

The robots  within the prison wear a sakura blossom on them as their symbol to protect life no matter how short it is. The playable character also knowing that a prison sentence can be long and her life is still in its youth and she plans to escape. 


The player will run automatically, the player has the ability to jump and teleport (which consumes MP on use) in terms of movement. Swiping up to jump, and tapping to teleport to that location.

3 Pickups

  • Invincibility
  • Heal
  • Magnet

These pickups provide different options, all of which consume MP which recharges at a constant rate, as the player moves. The player has 5 health points once, they are up or she falls to a certain point it will be game over. Using the heal power up will restore 1 heart for each use.  

Collecting magic gems will increase the players magic capacity up to a total of 500. Every gem provides an additional 10 MP to your overall Mp capacity. 

In terms of enemies and obstacles

  • Police bots: will apply 1 point of health damage
  • Captain bots: a pallet swap of the police bot provides 3 health points of damage
  • Red laser: will reduce 1 point of health.
  • Blue laser: will reduce 50 Mp per hit (the cost of one teleport)
  • Gravity platforms, these yellow lighted platforms will fall when the player walks on them.

All of the above powerups, enemies tiles controls can be viewed in the controls page(s) of the game for reference.

Release date
Harry-James Linford
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

System requirements for Android

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Last Modified: May 8, 2020

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